K Light: Brighten Up Your Home with The Supernova Pendant

Change up the lighting in your home and create a unique and interesting ambience that will set the tone in your precious abode. The latest arrivals at K Light include gorgeous Supernova Pendants that will certainly become a statement feature in any living room!

A bold pendant is an eye-catching piece. Besides adding much-needed illumination in your home, a light pendant can also complement the style of your room.

Go for a contemporary feel with the stunning Supernova Pendant now available from K Light.

The Supernova Range is available in Black or Bronze and in three different sizes. K Light also introduces the Neutron Star Pendant in Satin with its distinctive design.

With their impressive splendour and trending style, these pendants are sure to make a statement. It’s light gazing upon a night time galaxy and bringing the magic and allure of nature indoors!

Shop these beautiful creations at K Light and bring the wonder of glorious illumination home this season.

For more information on these products please contact the sales team or visit K Light. 


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