Eurolux Introduces A New Lighting Range from Mooni

If simplistic and functional Scandinavian design is your thing, you’re in luck. Eurolux now stocks a new range of lighting and speaker/lighting combinations from Mooni. The Swedish brand produces state of the art LED and solar lighting that gives users a more flexible, economic way of illuminating both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Mooni is about creating brighter moments for every happy occasion. They design and manufacture contemporary LED lighting that combines illumination and sound to allow you to transform an ordinary space into an experience.

They have integrated Scandinavian design with innovation in products that consume little to no electricity. Embrace the feeling of a shared space, capture the moment, have fun, and enjoy Mooni in any environment.

Behind the Brand:

Mooni was born in Höllviken, a small and lively town located on the sand dunes in the very south of Sweden. It is known as a summer paradise because of its long sand beaches and warm, endless summer days.

Winters are not as forgiving with a sun that sets early and rises late. During these never-ending winter nights you can see welcoming lights appear in the windows and gardens of local residents.

This pearl of a town inspired the team behind Mooni to develop a range of products based on the Scandinavian design tradition that combines form, function and playfulness.

Drawing on the teams vast experience in areas ranging from design, marketing and sales, to engineering, production and logistics; we have created a modern and lean structure based on respect and taking responsibility.

“We are passionate and we love what we do. We work hard together and we enjoy life together with our friends and family all around the world.” – Staffan Bern, President and Founder.

You can now shop the latest Mooni range locally through agents Eurolux.

For more visit Eurolux.


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