The Diamond Range by Crabtree

Every little detail and fixture, no matter how small, can add to the design style of an interior space. Right down to the switches and sockets you invest in, you can opt for quality and durability that will make all the difference in your interiors. That is why we love the Diamond Range by Crabtree.

Crabtree’s Diamond range of switches and sockets is not only innovative in design but locally manufactured and supported. It is created with the South African public in mind. The extensive range and elegant lines make the Diamond range the ideal choice for the discerning homeowner and office environment. Crabtree has been designing and manufacturing switches and sockets in South Africa for 66 years, providing undisputed quality, safety and reliability.

The expansive modular range crosses the divide between upmarket styling and classic durability. The cover plates are available in different colours to suit different tastes and design styles. So you are no longer limited to standard colours and variations and can truly personalise your space with a distinct colour to match your home or office space. Crabtree’s Diamond Range is modular with clip-on cover plates and fits the standard wall boxes installed in South African homes and offices. It is the perfect solution – both modern and durable to suit any contemporary lifestyle.

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