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Lighting Jan 19, 2022

Create Atmospheres Around The Table With Streamlight & VIbia

The table is where we share and commune. It provides the architecture of that space that brings us together. It’s a place of daily encounters and also of festivities and celebrations. Lighting the table is as much about creating an atmosphere as the materials with which the table and chairs are constructed. From intimate to convivial, from business meetings to romantic encounters light makes experiences, light is life.

Here are a few intriguing lighting pieces to brighten your table, by Vibia:


The Kontur light by Sebastian Herkner is a light of two elements. This includes the unmistakable physical frame and opaline glass diffuser as well as the magical suggestive light that comes and goes. It represents that which is there and that which is possible.

Halo Jewel

Halo Jewel by Martín Azúa throws light on tables where special moments are shared. Its angled poise, its universal geometry, its metal clips make time around the table precious.


Ichiro Iwasaki’s Flat bounces light off flat metal circles floating in space back down to the focus of the dining table.


A workspace, a dining table, a kitchen worktop a just a place for a coffee break. This element is even more marked with a light fitting like Flamingo by Antoni Arola. This fitting is thus chameleon-like, adjustable, versatile – many things all at once.


Musa by Note Design Studio projects the light that encourages intimacies. It is soft and rounded, indirect with a visible focal point. Like the art of conversation, Musa subsequently describes a light that is authentic but never too direct and draws us together through language and lighting.

Find these trendy lights from Vibia now available locally through Streamlight.

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