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Lighting Aug 30, 2021

A Custom-Made Willowlamp Lights The Way in Kuwait

A custom-made willowlamp lights the way for a new style of illumination in Kuwait.

Murano glass chandeliers imported from Italy have long been the lighting design of choice for upscale residences in Kuwait. But a desire to illuminate an interior with an original pendant piece that breaks away from the market norm, has led a Kuwaiti homeowner to look further than the traditional chandeliers available locally.

A fresh perspective

The solution was to import a custom-made willowlamp from South Africa that in itself is a piece of art. Taking inspiration from nature, willowlamp’s organic aesthetic provides a refreshing contrast to more classic chandeliers. It thus paves the way for a new contemporary style of lighting in Kuwait.

After seeing an image of willowlamp’s Mandala chandelier installed in Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Suites hotel, the client was struck by the technical skill demonstrated by the Cape-Town based design company. They subsequently managed to produce multi-dimensional geometric patterns using chains alone. He therefore approached willowlamp to design a version of this piece for his own home. Once presented with willowlamp’s design concept, the client found it was indeed the fresh perspective he had been searching for.

“I always focus on creating a modern house with as much of an Art Deco feel as possible. This piece was exactly what I needed. The phenomenal multi-dimensional qualities, the chains, and the bronze and the red colour combinations – all brilliant!” says the client.

To suit the space and create the dramatic effect desired, the original Liwa Suites design was adapted from a ceiling-mounted piece into a suspended pendant and then elongated.  It amounts to a total height of 4.5 metres with a 1.2-metre diameter, made in smoke, silver, brass and copper. The beautiful result subsequently transcends from lighting into the realms of art and collectible design. Meditating on the design reveals a multitude of perceptions – an iceberg, a glass shard or an arabesque neomodern structure. Suspended in the centre of the home, it creates a magnificent and striking focal point.

Taking illumination global

This is not the first time willowlamp has created a custom piece for an international client. Various destinations around the globe, from Taiwan and London to Sweden and Kenya, glow under the light of these award-winning designs.

There’s the Crown Towers in Perth, Australia, which houses four 3-tonne Mandala-styled clusters. Furthermore, the Marriott Hotel in North Carolina, USA is also illuminated by a colossal ellipse-shaped Mandala. The Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre in Switzerland further basks in the glow of a multitude of willowlamp chandeliers.

Now, with this custom Mandala, willowlamp has opened the door to exciting new lighting possibilities for the country of Kuwait…

About willowlamp:

willowlamp is an award-winning South African lighting company. Founder Adam Hoets uses an original method that involves fixing ball chains to laser-cut steel frames. A tiny notch in the metal frame creates a chain curtain. This is totally free from fasteners. The result is a vast range of intricate lighting designs. It includes lamps, pendants and chandeliers. Inspired by nature and sacred geometry, Hoets’ work includes masterpieces of both aesthetics and form. Today these works can be seen at a range of sites. This including in retail, hospitality and commercial establishments.

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