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Kitchens Apr 16, 2023

Venice Stone

Known for its inspired designs and durability, Venice Stone’s engineered quartz surfaces are prized the world over.

Manufactured from up to 94 percent natural quartz, the surfaces are extremely long-lasting and durable. So durable, in fact, that the company offers a 15-year guarantee on its products.

“Quartz is one of Nature’s hardest minerals, making Venice Stone highly resistant to scratching, cracking and staining. Requiring minimal maintenance, Venice Stone makes the ideal choice for kitchen countertop surfaces, bathroom vanities and indeed any internal wall or floor application. In addition, it is suitable for both residential and commercial areas,” says the company.

“Our production facility is a state-of-the-art, fully automated plant, utilising the latest technology to ensure consistently high-quality products. Only the purest and finest quartz is selected and graded as the primary ingredient in Venice Stone.

The slabs are compacted under intense vibration, vacuum and pressure, to produce extremely dense, non-porous slabs. Following a curing process, they are calibrated on the underside and polished to an enduring mirror lustre on multithread linear polishing lines.

Research and development are the cornerstones of Venice Stone. A continuous search internationally to source the finest quartz ensures Venice Stone is fit for any application, even under the harshest industrial environments.”

But the company’s products are not only superior in quality. Venice Stone also prides itself on offering a wide range of unique colours and pattern striations for clients to create a truly bespoke finish. 

This includes Absolute Black granite slabs to Amethyst semi-precious slabs and green-hued Angel Jasper semi-precious slabs, there is a surface for every look and feel, from minimalist modern interiors to Art Deco schemes.

Venice Stone products are locally available through Union Tiles.



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