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Neolith Celebrates The Natural World at Cevisama 2020

Neolith celebrates the natural world at Cevisama 2020.

Neolith®, a market-leading brand of Sintered Stone, has once again exhibited at Cevisama, Valencia, Spain this month.

Visitors to the show were able to experience Neolith like never before through a breathtaking installation designed by Virginia Sanchez.

Sanchez has worked extensively with Neolith surfaces throughout her career, including several commercial and restaurant projects as well as installations for Casa Décor, she understands the full potential of the material. Particularly she knows how Sintered Stone can be integrated in imaginative, unusual ways drawing on current interior design trends.

Sustainability and the importance of the environment were the central theme of the Cevisama stand. Here, the company used its surfaces to evoke everything in the natural world, from rugged mountains to lush rainforests. The installation offered a multi-sensory, immersive tour, showcasing Neolith’s sustainable attributes.

Highlights included a bathroom which offered a taste of the exotic, referencing the steamy jungles of the Amazon with a shower cabin coated in vivid green granite, provided by sister brand Granith®. This was offset with walls and floors in various tones of brown and beige, representing the rich depth of the forest floor using Neolith’s Sofia Cuprum, Mirage, New York – New York. Hanging plants emphasised the verdant nature of the wilderness.

The bathroom also included a dressing table lined with a unique design which simulates the sleek coat of a jaguar, showing how we can enjoy the sophisticated aesthetic of this type of material without impacting the animal world.

The Flysch of Zumaia, the renowned Basque geopark, has inspired an outdoor kitchen which recalls the mercurial cliffs of the region, using Mar del Plata and New York-New York to represent the park’s dramatic coastline. A striking kitchen island in white quartzite-effect Neolith Mont Blanc acts as a visual focal-point, set on a floor of Mar del Plata, represents an iceberg floating in the sea. This further highlights the fragility of our polar regions in the face of climate change.

Commenting on the theme of the stand, Neolith Director Mar Esteve Cortes says, “Since Neolith first launched just over a decade ago, we have seen climate change gradually rise to the top of the socio-political agenda. The increasing focus from built environment professionals and furniture manufacturers on sustainable material solutions has driven us to develop one of the most sustainable surfacing materials on the market, ensuring we do our part to mitigate the challenges presented by global warming.

“This year at Cevisama, we celebrate the natural world in all its glory and also demonstrate how we are using the latest technology and manufacturing methods to ensure that our surfaces are the greenest in the industry.”

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