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Kitchens Feb 29, 2024

Infinity Surfaces Panda White – Monochromatic Luxe.

Infinity Surfaces Panda White is ideal for bringing a luxurious feel to your design project and making a statement with a dramatic intensity that oozes style.


The Panda White Story

Panda White has entered the room. Big, bold, and unafraid – she stands front and centre while holding her ground. Streaks of black and white bring to mind the mesmerising patterning of an African zebra with animalistic intensity that gives this stone its attention-grabbing allure. Her comfortable white backdrop is interrupted by streaks of black – flanked by softer greys that offer a bold yet luxe appeal.


Style Notes

Inspired by the luxurious black and white marble found in the mountain quarries of China, Infinity Surfaces Panda White has a crisp white background with dramatic jet black feature veining alongside soft veins in pale grey hues. With all the beauty of marble and the modern benefits of engineered stone, Panda White is the perfect balance of style and function.

Panda White commands attention and lends itself to bold design projects and modern spaces. This luminous stone performs well in large areas where its dramatic style has room to breathe, surrounded by natural light that allows the beautiful patterning to glow at its best.


Weave Panda White into your Design

Crafted from premium raw materials using a highly specialised manufacturing process, Infinity Surfaces Panda White offers the best of both, where aesthetics and practicality meet to produce a beautiful marble-inspired slab made for living. It’s easy to clean, heat resistant, and durable – making it a popular choice for home design.


Countertops: Panda White is ideal for long, sweeping surfaces where its strong veining can really shine. Keep the surrounding walls and floors simple with minimalist finishings to allow Panda White’s beauty to be the main attraction.

Feature Wall: Panda White shines as an accent piece. Its strong veining is ideal for book-matching to create an eye-catching fireplace, backsplash, or accent wall.

Kitchen: Panda White’s unique appeal is that it offers a classic choice with its versatile monochrome colouring and a confident design element with its intense pattern. Black and white is a popular choice for kitchens as it allows for simple updates in colour scheme and decor for a refreshed look.

Flooring: Bold black and white flooring is a quintessential style that has stood the test of time. Panda White makes for a memorable entryway moment with impact and style.



Website: https://www.infinitysurfaces.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infinitysurfacesza

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/infinitysurfacesza/

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