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Kitchens Mar 19, 2022

Wood@Ease: Why Wood Is Still A Great Choice in the Kitchen

Wood is one of the earliest building materials to be used and thousands of years later, we’re still relying on the durability, warmth and stability of wood to transform our interiors. The same is true in the kitchen where wood cabinets, furniture, flooring and more are still used to bring depth and style to our indoor space.

Where did it all begin?

Kitchen cabinetry is essential in a modern kitchen for things like storage and a neat, durable finish. In the 1980s, oak cacbinetry became quite a popular choice. According to the experts, oak remains a versatile option. In fact, wood kitchen cabinets fit into a modern home as easily as a rustic farmhouse. And whether a kitchen features sleek mahogany or reclaimed wood, the effect is the same: a warm, cosy space you never want to leave.

What’s more? Wood is inviting and has a classic look that pairs well with a variety of styles. Furthermore, it is actually a very strong and durable material that will likely last for years to come.

Kitchens Today

Kitchen designs continue to change with the times. As closed kitchens make way for open plan; as modern appliances call for more innovative use of space… so too will the kitchen of the future need to adapt to our changing needs. And yet, one thing remains true. Today, kitchens continue to be a conversation piece in the home. It is a place where we gather to eat, char or do homework. We spend so much time in the kitchen and that is why it is fondly known as the ‘heart of the home’.

It is no surprise that kitchens today are built for functionality, practicality, and for comfort. Cabinets are still made primarily of wood material, and it is because of its versatility, beauty and durability, that these still make an impact in the modern kitchen.

Making the right choice with Wood@Ease

Wood@Ease supplies a wide range of cabinet related products. While their main line is solid and semi-solid wooden doors, they also specialize in products like solid wooden tops, exposed panels, turned legs, cornices, light shields, mouldings, and more to target specific client needs.

By using superior timber from all over the globe, Wood@Ease always strive to supply customers with the highest quality in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, they are always exploring the market for the newest trends and designs to continuously satisfy modern needs. When required, all products are professionally treated and polished with modern spray equipment to high standards.

The team also specialize in stain work and coloured painting with more than two thousand colours to choose from. Oil treatment and hand-painted techniques are also part of their range.

Free quotations are done immediately when requested. Feel free to visita showroom, or ask for a sales representative to assist with queries. Visit Wood@Ease for more info.

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