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Kitchens Nov 5, 2020

Up Close & Personal With The Team From Fabri

2021 is fast approaching and we’re all eagerly awaiting the latest design trends for the new seasons post Covid-19. We chatted to the kitchen design team from Fabri about what to expect and what trends will make a mark in 2021 and beyond.

(projeto) em (local) do atelier de arquitetura (arquiteto) com fotografia de arquitetura Ivo Tavares Studio

What will be some of the most popular kitchen styles for 2021?

Contemporary with a minimalist influence is here to stay for its versatility and compatibility with current architectural and interior design styles. However, we are also seeing a resurgence of country style kitchens with sophisticated modern twists such as metallic handles and chic LED illuminated display units.

(projeto) em (local) do atelier de arquitetura (arquiteto) com fotografia de arquitetura Ivo Tavares Studio



Black and White – will this trend continue next year?

Black and white create a striking contrast in kitchen design, so this is a combo that is not going anywhere. For example, matte black cabinetry with elegant white sintered porcelain countertops create a timeless statement.

What about the pull towards industrial style?

Industrial elements such as a butler’s sink or ironmongery that is on the bulkier side still have a place in kitchens to come, but the general design concepts will move more towards sophisticated luxury and comfort.

What about Scandinavian design style and the 2021 kitchen?

The beauty of Scandinavian design is the sophistication of the minimalist look. This style can be daunting as it is meant to strip all ‘excess’ decoration from the design, but it can be achieved without stripping your kitchen down to the bare essentials by including integrated appliances and a pared down colour scheme.

What are some must-have features in a fashionable kitchen?

Technology is playing a vital role in kitchen design, not only with increasingly smart appliances that can be operated remotely, but also with developments in finishes and materials. Nanotech finishes now provide cabinetry and countertops that are heat resistant, water resistant, fingerprint-proof, and can even be regenerated from minor surface scratches by applying heat.

What design elements will we be seeing more?

Versatility is in demand as a kitchen is no longer an area tucked away behind closed doors where cooking happens in an isolated fashion. Pocket door systems that create different layout options for the various functions of the kitchen add a level of dynamic energy to a space. Another feature making a comeback in kitchen design is the handle, creating an opportunity to elevate the level of elegance and functionality with subtle design details.

Is a kitchen combined with a living space still a strong design element?

The kitchen is going to continue to evolve into a multifunctional hub that facilitates all family and social activities, it is no longer considered separate from the living space in a home. For this reason, the design of the kitchen needs to be considered in conjunction with the overall architectural and interior design concepts.

Environmentally friendly materials… is this important?

FABRI cabinetry is manufactured with raw materials from FSC certified suppliers. In addition, we are starting a brand new research and development unit that will allow us to test and develop environmentally friendly materials that are durable, meet client’s quality expectations and are cost effective. Sustainability is already at the heart of some of our business development decisions.

(projeto) em (local) do atelier de arquitetura (arquiteto) com fotografia de arquitetura Ivo Tavares Studio

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