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May 30, 2018

Trend Alert: Create A Connected Kitchen With Built-In Dining

Modern homes call for a harmonious flow between the various spaces and rooms in your house. No longer is the kitchen an isolated and removed part of the home. Instead, contemporary living sees kitchens becoming a central feature in the home – a space where families gather, meals are shared and conversations run strong. It is a connected space and should serve both function and style.

Open plan kitchens are on trend as this creates symmetry between various living spaces. Now you can watch the kids while you prepare a meal; you can follow the action in the lounge or TV room, all from the comfort of your open plan kitchen space which connects you to where the rest of the family is spending their precious time.

As such, more kitchen designers are opting to integrate a dining space into the kitchen to give it more versatility as a functional space in the home. We love the idea of being able to create a communal living space right in the kitchen. Here you can entertain guests with ease and feel like an ongoing part of the meal preparations and conversations taking place.

Whether a beautiful kitchen island, a breakfast nook or even a rustic table, a space to eat and enjoy your kitchen space is essential to modern living. A dining space centralised in the kitchen is ideal and we love the way homes are being opened up as a result. Walls are coming down and spaces are being beautifully integrated to cater to the growing needs of modern families.

It’s all about creating a lifestyle that you want and deserve; a space that is connected and embraced as the real heart of any home. It is here where we teach our children about healthy living, about meal preparation and sustainability. Let’s face it, the kitchen is most certainly evolving to meet the growing needs of contemporary lifestyles.

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