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Jul 27, 2017

Take Your Kitchen Up a Notch with Open Shelving

There is a modern trend that sees beautiful open shelving making a way into contemporary kitchen designs. We love the versatility that open shelves present in the kitchen. Take a look at some of our favourite kitchen spaces with stunning open shelves to inspire and take your own kitchen design up a notch!

Whether natural wood or painted in white, open shelving adds a whole new dimension to an otherwise sterile kitchen environment. Grouped shelves, or even a single shelf alone on a wall, can make a strong personal style statement in this communal family area in your home. It’s light, it’s minimal and it’s all about open shelves in the kitchen. In modern kitchens where storage is limited, shelves are the future. If you have an open wall space, then it could be the perfect storage solution in your kitchen? Add a few floating shelves and embrace the movement which is encouraging a functional and more efficient kitchen.

Open shelves provide ease of access, so whether you store your everyday crockery and glasses on a beautiful shelving display, or showcase your prized fine dining collection that only comes out on special occasions. Either way, open shelving may work for you as it offers valuable storage and added visual appeal. Metal-framed shelves can add an industrial chic look to your kitchen, whereas white shelving adds a fresh, clean and contemporary feel that may even work in a minimalist kitchen. Keep it simple and uncluttered and it could be a showstopper in a streamlined space. Alternatively, raw wood finishes could work to add warmth and depth to your design. As such, be sure to choose the right finish to work for you and complement your interior style.

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