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Saeco’s NextAge is Perfect Everywhere, In Every Context

Do you have a strong passion for perfectly brewed coffee? So do we! There is nothing sweeter than the aroma of a fresh cuppa brewing in the morning (or any time of day really). Nextage is the perfect professional solution for all environments and all situations, offering a line of user-friendly, fully automatic, professional coffee machines adaptable to any locations.

Nextage is Saeco’s modular machine, now available through Italian Lifestyle, boasting a modern and minimalist design and touch screen controls, designed to address the needs of its final user and delivering a superb range of beverages. Just try it: its performance is particularly remarkable in the busiest hours of the day and in the most crowded locations, from bars to great catering services. In hotels, too, having breakfast where there is a Nextage machine available is a singular pleasure, a ritual to be adopted autonomously, to pamper oneself. Designed by Giuliano Galeazzi, Nextage is wholly manufactured in Italy, with materials and components chosen and developed to guarantee long-term performance even with intensive use. The metal reinforced coffee brewing unit guarantees maximum reliability over time and the high volumes of the 600 cc coffee boiler and 1 litre water/steam boiler guarantee efficiency of use. Nextage is elegant and also slim, measuring only 36 cm in width. Moreover, it can be comfortable accessed from the front and side, to facilitate maintenance operations.

The Nextage models can dispense 8 to 12 different beverages, plus 3 extra selections: coffee blend 1 – coffee blend 2, dispenser height adjustment (from 70 to 200 mm, from ristretto to a coffee jug), multiple drinks (1 or 2 coffee and/or milk-based drinks at the same time), coffee jug function (up to 10 drinks on a continuous basis). Each version of the machine has a different touch screen layout, according to the machine capabilities and use: Master Top, Master Duo, Master Standard, Master Coffee, Master Horeca.

Nextage is one of the easiest machines to program on the market. Its wide display and the tree-diagram structure make it extremely easy and quick to program, from the start. Thanks to the touch control technology, selection time is reduced to a minimum, as it is possible to click directly on the selected area. Drink customisation is equally easy and quick. Parameters can be changed and tested directly, simply by touching a button on screen. Simply touch, and drink! Normal retail: R137500.00 incl VAT August special: R96250.00 incl VAT For more info visit Italian Lifestyle.

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