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Mar 16, 2020

Neolith International : Trendy Kitchens

Today we are talking trendy kitchens with Neolith.

  1. Versatile Kitchens

With all the whirl going on in the world today, open-plan living rooms and kitchens are the thing. Versatile spaces featuring those large kitchen islands that can transform in just one week from a breakfast countertop to a place to work or even a sophisticated table to sit down and have dinner. Due to its unlimited design possibilities and extreme resistance, Neolith® adapts to today’s needs aesthetically and functionally.

Cocina apartamento New York Zaha Estatuario design Avenue Road – architect fabricator Caayu Inc.


  1. A ray of light

Bright, timeless and flawless. White kitchens that evoke natural materials such as marble and quartzite. With soft or contrasting veins reflecting the most subtle striated effects, they replicate a texture that’s very much like natural stone. This would be the case of Neolith® Mont Blanc, Calacatta, Estatuario and Blanco Carrara. They’re ideal for countertops and sinks as well as for cladding kitchen furniture and bringing uniformity and light to any space with a very personal touch of style.



  1. Scale of greys

Grey kitchens are in. It’s a suitable colour for most styles from classical to contemporary. Neolith® presents a wide array of models in greyish tones such as NewYork-NewYork, Beton, Zaha Stone, Aspen Grey, Pietra di Piombo and Mar del Plata, among others. They make for quite the combination of tones and nuances, shadow and light. The neutrality of this colour brings balance to any kitchen, creating seemingly uniform spaces.

  1. In black and white

Elegant and modern, black and white kitchens create an impressive look. The Neolith® offering is unlimited when it comes to finding the perfect combinations with intense blacks like Nero Marquina and Nero Zimbabwe and pure whites like Arctic White or the models inspired by marble like Blanco Carrara, Calacatta and Estatuario or even quartzites such as Mont Blanc. Trendy kitchens with a boost of designer character when combining both colours in a very chic way to create the most interesting tessellations and patterns

  1. 360º Kitchens

The versatility of Neolith® means the same material can be used for all types of kitchen applications from countertops and sinks to walls, flooring, furniture and even ceilings.

Neolith® can continuously cover any area, bringing out all of its potential as 360° material and avoiding those ugly-looking joints given the large format all while guaranteeing its resistance for all types of uses.



  1. Full body

Following an exhaustive research & development process, Neolith® is able to produce full-body decorative surfaces by integrating the same colour and design throughout the body for a more esthetic and visible even edging. The goal: to create surfaces with hyper-realistic character while maintaining its extraordinarily high-performing properties.

Cocina Next 125 Zaha Aspen Livingkitchen 2019

  1. Sustainable surfaces

Neolith® is made of 100% all-natural resin-free raw materials meaning it doesn’t release any harmful substances into the environment. This also guarantees the non-alterability of the material with the passing of time, even when used outdoors. Eco-friendly kitchens with environmentally-safe 100% reusable materials.


  1. Modern terrazo

Terrazo started coming back in the year 2017 and has since become one of the latest trends in interior design. With an updated look, the “terrazo effect” is great for kitchen countertops, cladding and flooring. Retrostone by Neolith® is a surface with a very attractive yet elegant design which is known for its striking large-grain style in greyish tones.

  1. Feet on the ground

In 2020, we’re going back to warm tones – a trend that’s evolving towards the richest of earthly browns, ochers and medium browns. The Neolith® palette features Sofía Cuprum, Calatorao, Krater and Pulpis which transmit strength, sobriety and a whole lot of personality bringing contrast and a play of shadows and volumes when combined with other lighter elements.

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