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Jul 8, 2019

Luxurious Kitchen: 5 Considerations For An Up-Scale Design

While the living room might be the focal point of the household, there is no denying that the kitchen is the busiest and most vibrant room in your home. This is the place where all family members come together throughout the day to eat, snack, socialize, and just have a great time – plus there’s no denying that he who cooks will spend a large portion of their day here.

All of this begs the need to design and create an up-scale, comfortable, and functional kitchen setting that will inspire you and your family to gather around the island, and make lifelong memories enjoying each other’s company. Here to help you design your ideal up-scale kitchen are the five considerations you should keep in mind.

Set the ideal foundation

It all starts with the layout. This is the foundation of your kitchen and it will define the space from an aesthetic and functional standpoint, so naturally, this is a task that should hold the top priority on your to-consider list. Without a realistic floorplan to guide your entire design process, you will inevitably encounter costly roadblocks, and there’s a distinct chance that the end product won’t look or feel quite as you had imagined.

Start by deciding what kind of functions you want your kitchen to perform. Aside from the obvious, you might also want the kitchen to serve as your home’s primary dining area, so consider if you’d like to throw in a luxurious dining table, or if you’d like a beautiful, grand kitchen island to serve this and other functions. Next, get your tape measure out, because you will have to allocate enough space for every appliance and amenity without compromising flexibility, maneuverability, or safety.

Illuminate the space like a pro

The lighting scheme you choose has the power to make or break an ambience, and if you’re trying to create a more luxurious setting, then designing the lighting scheme just right becomes imperative. But it’s not just about using light features to accentuate certain areas or frame the design of the room, it’s also about improving the overall functionality of the space and making your job that much easier.

First, introduce a statement pendant light in the centre of the room, above the focal point such as the island. Next, add task lighting in the form of contour LED strips that will illuminate every corner of every workstation and prevent you from casting a shadow while you’re cooking or chopping. And finally, think about accent lighting and how it could help create a more intimate, inviting setting. Add coned lighting on the opposite walls to bring darker areas to life.

Accents bring luxury to life

Speaking of accents, they also hold the power and potential to make or break a luxurious interior, so there is a need to pay special attention to the minutia around your brand-new kitchen. Accents such as boutique door handles can make all the difference in the way you perceive a room, for example, while the ornate hardware you choose for the cabinetry can help you define the theme of the setting.

Use these types of accents to tell a story, and bring a distinct feeling to life, such as a retro kitchen vibe, or a sleek futuristic look, and even an eclectic setting that brings various design elements and themes together. Add a striking focal point such as a colorful mosaic backsplash to draw people inside and introduce a strong contrast to the rest of the setting – this will make your up-scale kitchen that much more unique.

Mix and match various materials

The modern kitchen can enjoy a large selection of materials throughout, all working towards the sole goal of creating a luxurious setting imbued with beauty and functionality. From quartz and gorgeous marble countertops, to hardwood cabinets dipped in navy blue with gold hardware and glass displays, all the way to stone flooring with a glossy finish, there is no shortage of beautiful materials when it comes to designing a luxurious kitchen.

And remember, these materials can be used in any type of setting, whether you’re trying to create a retro theme, a modern look, or even an ocean-inspired kitchen. Whatever you choose as the predominant look, keep in mind that these materials need to complement each other in color and texture, with a few contrasts scattered throughout.

Don’t forget about the appliances

And lastly, remember that the appliances you choose will not only influence the functionality of the space, but its aesthetic appeal as well. With that in mind, be sure to create a list of the most essential appliances based on the needs and size of your family, and then make sure to research the units that fit the theme of your kitchen. This can mean that the appliances will blend with the surrounding color scheme, but it can also mean that the appliances will stand out in contrast to accentuate certain areas.

The kitchen is probably the most important room in your household, simply due to its ability to bring the family together, and the fact that you will be spending plenty of time there on a daily basis. Be sure to implement these tips in order to create an inviting, beautiful up-scale kitchen you and your family will adore.

Author Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of Architecture and a food lover from Sydney, Australia. She loves writing about interiors, but her speciality is landscape design. She is an author over at Smooth Decorator.

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