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Liebherr: Freshness Has A Name – BioFresh

The quality and freshness of food is key to health and overall well-being. Nature offers a perfect spectrum of nutrients: vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that give energy, boost stamina and enhance mood. When stored at the right temperature and humidity, foods retain their delicious freshness and flavour for much longer. 

Today freshness has a name: BioFresh. With BioFresh technology food keeps fresh for much longer. When stored at a temperature close to 0 °C and at the correct humidity level, many foods retain their nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, for far longer than in a conventional fridge compartment.

With the adjustable temperature range of 0 °C and –2 °C BioFresh-Plus offers even more flexibility. The BioFresh-Plus safe includes a versatile Fish & Seafood Box. In it, your fish and seafood are kept fresh for significantly longer in their optimal temperature range of –2 °C.

Download the BioFresh App today!

The BioFresh app provides free information about foods and food storage, and is suitable for use on many smartphones and tablets. The app tells you everything you need to know about foods and their vitamin content, and gives shelf life comparisons for conventional refrigeration versus BioFresh storage.

The detailed presentation means you can quickly and easily access all kinds of information about fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products. The vitamin and mineral content of 130 different foods can be viewed by simply tapping the screen, and you can search for favourite foods or products that contain specific vitamins.


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