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Kitchens Apr 27, 2023

Liebherr: AutoDoor Makes Your Hand-Free Kitchen Perfect

Home automation is the way of the future, making life simpler and more efficient. With AutoDoor from Liebherr, you can make the most of your appliances with voice-activated, knock-activated and SmartDevice App-activated opening and closing.

AutoDoor makes your hands-free kitchen perfect because it enables Liebherr appliances to be opened and closed completely automatically. The front of the appliance stays clean and you can store your food safely and comfortably.

The first fridges in the world that open and close fully automatically

Thanks to AutoDoor, you can open your fridge using a knocking signal or voice command. And if need be, you can also open and close it just as easily by hand or using your smartphone. This also makes it easier to open large and heavy doors. Furthermore, you can individually select the opening angle and the time before closing.

By voice command

One command to Amazon Alexa is enough to open the fridge completely hands-free. This keeps the appliance front clean, even if your hands are sticky. Appliance and SmartSpeakers must be connected to SmartDevice app. (Coming soon to Google Assistant).

By knocking signal

Knocking twice on the door activates the automatic opening of your refrigerator or freezer. This works on the entire outer and inner doors. By the way: If you have your hands full, you can also knock with your foot. The sensitivity of the pressure sensor can be adjusted with a slide control on the appliance depending on your requirements.

By smartphone

With the SmartDevice-App, the door can also be opened and closed automatically. In addition to voice control, other AutoDoor features can be defined in the SmartDevice app: sounds for opening and closing, the duration until the door closes or the angle at which the door should open (at least 70°).

How can my AutoDoor open and close in the event of a power failure?

If there is no power supply, the door can still be opened and closed manually. Automatic opening/closing via voice command, the SmartDevice app and knocking are not available when there is a power failure.

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