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Oct 16, 2018

Kitchen By Grundig: 7 Spring Kitchen Trends to Add in 2018

Spring has sprung, so consider the change as the perfect excuse to indulge in a design trend or two. Here are the top 7 trends to add to your kitchen in spring 2018. Which trend is making an appearance in your space this year?


The open concept kitchen is king, but other contenders are making themselves known in spring 2018. The “broken plan” kitchen for example. Basically, it is an open concept kitchen divided from the living space by a freestanding shelving unit, or a raised breakfast bar. It creates separation without closing off any of the spaces entirely.

Though open concept living has drastically changed the way we live and entertain, it has its drawbacks. It lacks privacy and where on earth do you store all of the dirty dishes during a dinner party? The broken plan kitchen on the other hand effectively solves these issues by artfully distinguishing between the two spaces.


From colour to consciousness, the kitchen continues to go green in 2018.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, teal is making more of an appearance on walls and on accessories. The “eco look” is an up-and-coming design direction. Plywood cabinetry, cork floors, concrete tiles, and other “raw” materials are being used. Unpolished timber is also making more of an appearance in cabinetry.

Going green in the kitchen also means living with actual living things. Like living walls. One made from moss has the dual function of being visually striking and acoustic absorbent. If keeping a living wall is too big a commitment, consider adding botanical illustrations or a simple kitchen garden.


An ageing population and the rising cost of living for young people has increased mixed-generation households. As such, the multi-user, or accessible kitchen, is on the rise. It gives everyone the opportunity for living independence regardless of age, mobility and ability. Features of a multi-user kitchen include extra floor space for easier wheelchair rotation, multiple counter heights, and modular work surfaces.


We’ve gotten too serious with our hardware. Cabinet handles. Drawer pulls. Faucets. Towel racks. They are modern, uncomplicated and functional. In some cases, they are entirely invisible.

Spring 2018 is the season to inject some personality into your space. Adding whimsical hardware is certainly a cost-effective and low-commitment way to do so. Ornate forms in warm metals like gold, copper and brass pair beautifully with modern and traditional kitchens alike. Furthermore, more appliance brands are offering hardware alternatives to black and stainless steel. Oven dials and handles, for instance, are on offer in rose gold and copper.


Maybe it is the ongoing unicorn obsession, but pastel is making a kitchen comeback. It is, however, getting a modern update in 2018. No longer paired with chintz textiles and twee décor, pastel is now used as a statement colour.

Pale corals, pinks and blues lead the pastel pack. They are a superb accompaniment to grey toned kitchens, glossy white cabinetry and partnered with wood finishes. For those of us who want to make a statement with colour, but aren’t bold enough for a dramatic contrast, pastel is a great alternative.


Cool grey kitchens were all the rage in 2017, but spring 2018 is seeing the rise of warmth in all of its forms. Neutral, or bold, but always versatile, warm shades can be used top to bottom in a kitchen. To achieve a sophisticated bohemian look, for instance, mix warm neutrals with gold accents and organic materials.

Keep grey stylish with trendy warm accents. Island lighting in shimmering metallic like gold adds a jolt of glamour. Copper hardware – from faucets to electrical outlets – is luxurious. Add a patina finish and your kitchen instantly has an old-world appeal.


Combining function and purpose, interior design has an edgier feel than ever before. In 2018, it is showing heavily in the kitchen. Heavy metal hardware and concrete are industrial design mainstays but are not always the easiest materials to access, afford, or work with. This year, faux finishes are making a hardcore comeback. Cabinet doors, for instance, are now offered in concrete-effect materials. They can even be sprayed with a concrete finish.

There are also plenty of other ways to create an industrial design feel in your kitchen. No-frills metal or iron racks can be used for open storage. Functional subway tile and stainless steel are ideal backsplash materials. Factory lighting is especially edgy over an island.

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