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Stelton: Classic & Sleek in Black and White

Classic design elements are timeless and a sure way to visually decorate your home in true style. Sleek lines are a must and what better way to enhance a classic interior than with black and white. The latest Stelton collections embrace the trend with classic and sleek items in bold black and white finishes.

This collection of icons has been made by architects and designers focusing on form and function.

Let’s take a closer look:

The Elegant cableless electric kettle

Erik Magnussen’s iconic vacuum jug EM77 has adorned coffee tables worldwide for more than 40 years, and now a whole new member of the EM family is introduced: The EM77 electric kettle, which will add the same style to the home as the vacuum jug has done for decades. The cableless kettle can hold 1.5 l and is equipped with a removable limescale filter and dry boil safety switch. The base includes space for the cable.

On the go…

Perfect for your favourite drink on the way to the office or while travelling. The To-Go Click cup has a state-of-the-art ”smart click” function allowing you to open and close the cup easily with an easy push on the top. When the cup is closed it keeps your beverage warmer for a longer time due to the double-walled thermo effect. Drink from the full 360 degrees of the cup as if there were no lid – it’s exactly the same as drinking from an ordinary cup.

Keeps bread fresh and crisp

Beautiful bread bag with stripes breathes new life into the bread bag. A great combination of beautiful design, exciting colours and a lot of applications. The bread bag is used for storing bread. The bread bag is Designed by Klaus Rath and won a Design Plus Award in 2007.

The Hurricane Lamp

With her well-known creative sense of simplicity, Maria Berntsen designed these stylish hurricanes that can be used all year long as evocative light in the home, both outdoors and indoors. Should the hurricane be left outdoors during rainy weather, the smart design ensures that the rainwater runs out of the hurricane by itself. The black stoneware is weather resistant and the hurricane can, of course, withstand being left outdoors, even when the temperature is below zero.

Time goes by…

The unique Stelton wall clock is designed by the German design duo, Jehs+Laub. The clock’s minute arm is linked with and forms the clock’s face, casting a shadow on the wall. The absence of a traditional clock casing creates an illusion of it floating on the wall.

A design classic in a new interpretation

In the same simple idiom as EM77 vacuum jug, the EM press coffee maker holds eight cups, and its double walls keep the coffee warm for longer. Turn the lid to pour the coffee and turn it again to close.

Go sleek and classic in black and white with Stelton.

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