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Kitchens Oct 4, 2020

Koziol Presents A Range Of Innovative New Products

Introducing the latest kitchenware products from Koziol with three new models of their innovative drinking bottles, plus the new BENTOBOX M, the CANDY READY Lunch box set and much more. 

There is a lot to discover, so don’t waste any time and take a look right away!


The perfect companion for all meal preppers. The compact box is ideal for small pasta dishes, healthy bowls, salads and oatmeal. The upper part offers enough space for fruit or nuts, and the mini box is intended for spices, dressings or honey. All ingredients can be kept neatly separated from each other in the Bento box and remain appetizing until mealtime.


SAFE TO GO XL is simply indispensable when traveling or doing sports. The large drinking bottle is lightweight, unbreakable and extremely robust. The special highlight is the innovative screw cap: the bottle can be opened with just a quarter turn. The 360° lid provides maximum drinking comfort, and due to the large opening, the bottle can be filled quickly and easily. Oh, and those who love variety can add fruit or ice cubes to their drink!


This small bottle is pleasantly handy and with its light weight of just 100 grams, it conveniently fits in any handbag or backpack. The small bottle can be completely disassembled and cleaned hygienically in the dishwasher. PLOPP TO GO MINI can be refilled again and again, thus saving a lot of disposable bottles and keeping the environment happy.


Lunch box set CANDY READY has everything you need for a healthy lunch on the go. Salads and dressing, veggies and dip, sandwiches and fruit can be kept neatly separated in the large box CANDY L and the leakproof container CANDY S ensures that food remains appetizing until consumed. Cutlery set KLIKK POCKET also fits into the large box, perfectly completing the lunch box set.


With its slim shape, CONNECT lies comfortably in the hand and is the ideal coffee-to-go cup for every day. The cup is lightweight, unbreakable and the expressive ribbed design protects against hot contents. The cups are also stackable and can easily be stowed away in the cabinet to save space. Because you’ll need more than just one!


Coffee can be enjoyed almost anytime and anywhere. The only question is: Mini, Regular or Super? With the three CONNECT cups in cappuccino, latte macchiato and espresso sizes, you are well equipped for those daily moments of pleasure. All cups are lightweight, unbreakable and very comfortable to hold. The expressive ribbed structure protects against hot contents and makes for practical stacking.
And a sustainable extra: the lid instantly transforms the two larger cups into reusable coffee-to-go cups for your morning energy rush. The small spoon is perfect for stirring and enjoying foamed milk.

Find the latest kitchenware products from Koziol online HERE.

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