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Kitchens Jan 6, 2022

Joshua Tree: Entertain In Style With The Ultimate Cheese Board

Summer is synonymous with outdoor explorations, wine pairings and the perfect cheese board. We bring you the essential elements for a great summer cheese board, with some of our top picks from Joshua Tree.

Why we love cheese boards:

Cheese boards are great for entertaining guests at home, or for a quick picnic at the beach or in a park. It’s the perfect choice for snacking and sharing with friends. Simply pack up all of your ingredients and set up your cheese board anywhere you desire. It really is that simple.

To start off, you’ll need to invest in a quality board – one that will meet your needs and serve you time and time again.

Joshua Tree Boards:

Joshua Tree manufactures beautifully handcrafted boards for every occasion. Each board is individually hand crafted with care
to give long-lasting use and pleasure. For the last 5 years the Joshua Tree have also exported their products worldwide.

Summer Picnic Board Ideas:

For a fun outdoor summer picnic, you’ll need:

  • A variety of cheese. Lucky for you, South Africa produces an amazing range of exquisite cheeses to suit almost any pallet. Be sure to shop your favourites and pick up a few different options to try out this summer.
  • Spice things up with honey, jam, sauce and more to add a little flair to your cheese board.
  • Keep it fresh by adding fruits, like grapes or sliced figs for a little sweetness.
  • Crackers, biscuits, loaves and more are essential for soaking up all the goodness.
  • Remember to pack toothpicks, cheese knives and more to make the experience more pleasant.

Serving a large group?

No problem! A large cheese board is always a winner. The round board with a whole by Joshua Tree is the perfect size to feed guests. It is made from the whole top of the wine barrel and has a French copers stamp.

What’s more is that all Joshua Tree boards can also have personal engraving arranged at an extra cost, which makes them perfect for wedding favuors and corporate gifts.

Keep the spirit of summer alive and well. Invest in a beautiful cheese board to impress your family and enjoy many special nibbles together.

For more visit Joshua Tree.

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