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Kitchens Feb 11, 2021

Hotesse Luxuryware Unveils Pure Gold Ladina Cookware

Pure gold is the epitome of refinement and luxury. We’ve embraced gold in jewellery, fashion and interiors and now the latest Ladina Cookware range from Switzerland.

Start off by elevating your meal preparations with exclusive luxury cookware which excels in both style and construction with Ladina Cookware now available from Hotesse.

Pure Gold – Practical Opulence

Ladina Swiss Luxury Line cookware innovates with its unique 24 Karat gold plated handles and knobs. A true functional work of art. Here, optimal ergonomics and elegant design define the cookware. The range is made with five-ply material, currently the best available worldwide.

Furthermore, a unique alloy allows cooking without sticking. The high-quality materials guarantee optimal heat distribution. This allows the cookware to not only heat up very swiftly but also keeps food warm for longer.  

The cookware is suitable for all kinds of stoves… ceramic, electric, gas, and functions exceptionally well on induction. Swiss engineering and experience of more than three decades ensure supreme precision.

Products come in luxurious and convenient cases which also makes them appealing as gifts. Ladina has been developed, produced and packaged exclusively in Switzerland.

Find the latest range available through Hotesse Luxuryware.

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