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Celebrating Home-Made with BIBO

As we wrap up Heritage month, we are left inspired by all the unique home-made flavours that make our country our own. And at BIBO, it has got our creative juices flowing.

Remember that beautiful little kitchen contraption called the BIBO fizz? Well we’re putting it to good use. We’re talking home-made peppermint crisp floats, all you can drink Ginger Beerand some Gin and Cucumber coolers.

Because, you see, the BIBO fizz can fizz almost anything, not just water. So step into our southern summer and continue to gather together around a good braai and some added bubbles and enjoy the flavours of your home.

Did you know BIBO offers a unique home service for both delivering new CO2 cylinders and collecting the used ones (for R100 back!), making the BIBO fizz the most convenient and fun thing in your kitchen.

Find out more at www.bibo.co.za/BIBO-fizz



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