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Bugatti: Take A Drink, Make A Difference

Water: health and beauty elixirs are now at your fingertips with the new “Bugatti B Bottles”.


Water is a primary commodity for a sustainable and healthy life and constitutes the 65% of the human body. It is therefore essential for physical well-being and for a good and constantly renewed energy vitality: drink regularly during the whole day, especially if you practice sport, in order to maintain a constant hydration. You should always have a water supply with you.

Water is also an alternative and renewable source of energy for production processes. The Bugatti group, which has always placed Ecology, Sustainability and Wellness at the center, covers a large part of the energy needs thanks to the group’s hydroelectric power station and aims for 2025 to cover 75% of the energy needs from renewable sources.

Water and People are the values from which Bugatti B Bottles are born; a new line of re-usable and plastic free bottles with an exclusive design by Clemente Bugatti.
The range includes a complete offer of double-walled vacuum thermal bottles and single-walled bottles, as well as accessories such as the infusion kit and the sport lid.

For any bottle, the shape is tapered and ergonomic to make it easy to grip.

The materials are of the highest quality and safe: bottles are made of 18/10 stainless steel, BPA and Phthalates free; during the design, particular attention was paid that there were no plastic parts in contact with water.
The 18/10 stainless steel lid is double-walled for better thermal insulation. The wide mouth allows the use of ice cubes and, at the same time, facilitates cleaning.

The double-walled vacuum thermal line Twin Bottles, allows you to keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours, cold for up to 24 hours and to keep ice for up to 36 hours. It is available in the sizes 500 ml (16.907 US fl.oz.) and 350 ml (11.835 US fl.oz.).

The Light line, available in the sizes 530 ml (17.921 US fl.oz.) and 350 ml (11.835 US fl.oz.), is single-walled. Compact and light, is the ideal solution to always carry with you, even in your handbag, for perfect and constant hydration.

Variants of colors, graphics and finishes make these bottles not only indispensable allies for well-being but also real style accessories designed for people with a contemporary, cosmopolitan style and open to the world, women but also men and young people attentive to details.

Numerous models have been created; simple or fashion victim versions among you can choose. Here is a summary of the collections:

Décor: mix and match of fantasies to stimulate imagination and fantasy. A real load of style to dream and dare in absolute freedom.

Black and white: chic black and white interpretation for a refined and glamorous taste. The subjects: Butterfly in the night and Marine fauna.

Color Block: main character is colour, a great classic that cannot be missing. Pastel shades, but not only… to each his own.

Essential: high elegance thanks to the brushed steel body in black, white or red, which characterizes the models in the collection.

Lux: metallic and precious colors, refined and bright, light up a star look. The WOW effect is guaranteed.

4 elements: for a living inspired by the Zen philosophy, images of water, air, earth and fire become protagonists.

Accessories include:
– Infusion kit to prepare and taste teas, infusions and flavoured water wherever and whenever you want. Easy and safe to remove (unscrew easily) it is made of 18/10 stainless steel, without plastic parts in contact with water;
– Sports lid can be easily opened and closed; Hygienic and with hermetic closure it is perfect for those who want their bottle with them during sport sessions. Equipped with silicon ring to facilitate the grip and the attachment to bags and backpacks (the ring is also sold alone, as an accessory).
All these accessories are compatible with all models and all sizes of the B Bottles TWIN and LIGHT.

Drinking with a Bugatti B Bottles can really trigger the passion for a sustainable and healthy life.

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