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Kitchens Jun 24, 2024

Your Guide To A Cosy Home This Winter with Easylife Kitchens

Winter is on our doorsteps and as the days grow shorts and the nights grow colder, it’s time to transform our home into a warm and inviting haven. Easylife Kitchens believes that a cosy home can enhance your winter. Here are some of our top tips to ensure your home is cosy for winter!


Warm Shades and Textures

Bring in warm shades to your living spaces like deep reds, oranges, and browns. Put away the light throws for thicker blankets like plush throws and wool blankets. Adding a few extra fluffy pillows can also instantly enhance your living space!


Lighting plays one of the most crucial roles in creating a cosy ambience. Go for layered lighting to add depth and warmth to your homes by using a mixture of overhead pendants, floor lamps, and table lamps with warm-toned bulbs. String lights and candles can also add a winter touch.

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen will always be the heart of the home – even on the coldest of days! Add a touch of cosy to your kitchen with seasonal décor like candles and kitchen linens. Keep your kitchen warm by baking treats and filling your home with warm. Consider creating a drink station or winter with hot chocolate, teas, and coffee.

Natural Element

Bring the nature indoors with natural materials like bamboo, wood, and stone. Some well-placed plants can also add life and warmth to a cold space, even in winter.

Comfort First

The key to a cosy home is comfort! Ensure your seating areas are as comfortable as possible by using soft cushions and blankets and place rugs on any cold floors. These small but impactful changes will help you in creating a cosy and warm home throughout the winter months!

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