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Kitchens Mar 25, 2023

What to expect with a kitchen remodel

Remodelling a kitchen is an exciting project that can completely transform the look and feel of your home. It’s an opportunity to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and it can add significant value to your property. However, a kitchen remodel is also a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and consideration. At Easylife Kitchens, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to what to expect when undertaking a kitchen remodel.

Planning and Design

The first step in any kitchen remodel and renovation is planning and design. This involves working with our expert professional kitchen and home designers to create a detailed plan for your new kitchen. During this process, you’ll discuss your needs, wants, and budget to ensure that the final design meets your expectations. You’ll also be able to choose the style and finishes that best suit your taste and home décor.


Once the design is finalised, the next step is demolition. This involves removing all the existing elements of your kitchen, including cabinets, appliances, countertops, and flooring. This process can be quite messy and noisy, so it’s important to prepare for it ahead of time. You’ll need to remove all your belongings from the kitchen and make arrangements for any pets or children to be kept away from the area.

Electrical and Plumbing Work

Once the old kitchen has been cleared out, the next step is electrical and plumbing work. This involves installing new electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. It’s important to hire a licensed professional for this work to ensure that it is done safely and to code. During this stage, you may also need to install new gas lines or venting for your appliances.

Installation of Cabinets and Countertops

After the electrical and plumbing work is complete, the next step is to install new cabinets and countertops. This process can take several days, depending on the size of your kitchen and the complexity of the design. Your contractor will work closely with you to ensure that the cabinets and countertops are installed to your specifications.


When it comes to flooring, you will either need to have this installed prior or post cabinet installation. The floors need to be prepared and screeded prior to our installation, however if you are doing tiles or vinyl, we recommend doing this prior to the cabinet installation. For solid wood, engineered solid wood or laminate, it is recommended to install your flooring afterwards to avoid water damage to the cabinets.

Final Inspection and Walkthrough

Once your new kitchen is complete, your design consultant will conduct a final inspection and walkthrough with you to ensure that everything is up to your standards. They will also provide you with any necessary instructions for using and maintaining your new appliances and finishes.

A kitchen remodel is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and execution. By working with our expert design consultants, you can rest assured that your new kitchen will meet all your needs and expectations. From planning and design to installation and finishing touches, get ready for the kitchen of your dreams! Start your design journey today: https://www.easylifekitchens.co.za/showrooms/

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