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SpaceSave: 3 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

The laundry room can easily become a space for clutter to collect. Dirty clothing, detergents and more may reign free. If you can relate, then it’s probably time to tidy up and create a clutter-free zone you can be proud of. Here are three ways to create a stylish laundry room that your neighbours will envy.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Did you know that an organised home is often a happier home? For real. A clean, tidy space can help to eliminate feelings of overwhelm and stress and can actually help to establish a sense of calm. In the laundry room, start by sorting out the ‘junk’ and finding a place for everything you need in the room. If there are things in this space that don’t belong here – rehome them to the cupboards or rooms where they should actually be!


Streamline your storage capacity

Stick to a theme when it comes to your laundry room storage. Will you be using wooden crates, baskets, plastic containers? Whatever your choice, make sure your storage is both functional and goes with the overall look you want to achieve. Storage can also be in the form of built-in cupboards, open shelving, hangers, hooks and more.

A dedicated ironing space

Space may be limited in your laundry room, but if you can achieve everything in one space, then it will surely be a functional and efficient space you can enjoy. We love nifty gadgets that take the stress out of organisation and storage. SpaceSave’s Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet is a really trendy little number that will certainly take the pain out of ironing. It’s an easily accessible, sleek, space-saving wall-mounted ironing board cupboard that blends into any room.

For more space-saving ideas and nifty solutions, visit SpaceSave.

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