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Debbie: “I love my kitchen composter! It is quiet, odor free, and mess-free, and it can be stored in the corner of my kitchen. Not that it has to be in the corner though, because it looks rather nice too! It’s easy to use and most importantly, my food waste is no longer sitting in a bin rotting away sending nasty smells around my kitchen. I’m amazed at how quickly my food waste can be turned into a pre-compost in only 5 hours! And, my kids love placing their food waste in it. I couldn’t have dreamed of an easier way to get rid of food waste.”

Sandy: “I just love the fact that a smelly bin is a thing of the past. No more food waste rotting away in bin bags buzzing with flies. I always thought to myself that there must be a better way and low and behold…the Microgarden Kitchen Composter answered my wishes. With, quite literally, a push of a button, a bit like magic, my food waste transformed into pre-compost, which I can then take outside and sprinkle into my garden. Truly amazing!”


Justin: “Reducing my food waste footprint has never been easier. And I like easy! If it’s easy, I’m in! I’m blown away every time my composter has completed a cycle. In goes a full bucket of food waste, then I open the lid. BAM! It’s all transformed. Less than double its original volume! Pre-compost! No landfill will ever see my food waste again!”


Contact: Microgarden  

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  1. Paula Combrink

    August 4, 2023

    if you ever have a sale on your composter PLEASE let me know and i will send the money immediately


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