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Kitchens Mar 8, 2021

Optima Kitchens: A Blend of Colour, Texture and Flow

Step inside this latest design project by Optima Kitchens. For this bold kitchen remodel, the team had the perfect pair; the home-owners, and Elisha from Decor ID. The end result is a beautiful blend of colour, texture and flow.

As always, designing a new kitchen puts the client at the centre so Optima Kitchens met with the home-owner and Elisha, an internationally nominated designer who has also been an invaluable partner in many of Optima Kitchens’ best creations. Together the teams spoke about the lifestyle purpose of the space, how it would be used and the way in which that correlated with Elisha’s design vision. Those talks informed an approach to the project.

Drawing the Eye

The perceived unity of the warm greys along the vertical spaces was an intentional design choice, utilising the visual and psychological effect of opening space by blending practical items into the background and then drawing the eye to distinct points, such as the striking Miele stove and the lines of the feature island.

It’s the brave clients that don’t go for cliches and, once again, Decor ID developed an original blend of texture, colour and flow.

Genius Lighting

Elisha’s lighting was a masterstroke, balancing the greys with a subtle warmth and creating continuity through every room of the house. Working in combination with the clean lines and warm wood, the concealed lights further softened the atmosphere whilst creating an easy environment uninterrupted by the fittings.

The installers are craftsmen and women in their own right and every step of the installation was carried out with pride, total attention to detail and respect for the physical and visual space. Most important, this space becomes a place where people want to live, gather and entertain each other.

For more visit Optima Kitchens.

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