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Kitchens Nov 11, 2023

New Vertical Universes with Dekton Ukiyo

Join in the celebration as Dekton launches the new Ukiyo collection. Come experience the beauty of living textures crafted by nature. Ukiyo is the inner texture.

Unlock fresh ways to adorn vertical spaces with Dekton’s Ukiyo range. Ukiyo presents a spectrum of colours, thicknesses, and fluting options, empowering the creation of bold vertical environments with sleek lines and remarkable depth.

Bromo: A dark gray shade inspired by slate featuring subtle faded graphics and a carefully crafted texture with a natural aesthetic.

Teaming up with renowned interior designer Claudia Afshar, Cosentino has curated vivid, structured patterns, promising an immersive sensory adventure.

Dekton ensures an ultra-compact surface that offers extreme performance and unique design. Dekton isn’t just visually stunning—it’s a sustainable powerhouse. Furthermore, it’s the only cradle-to-grave carbon neutral solid surface on the market. Crafted with 99 percent recycled and reused water, 100 percent renewable electric energy, and recycled materials, Dekton embodies sustainable elegance at its peak.

Kreta: Inspired by cement, this design is even and controlled. It can create lighter or darker spaces depending on the density of the pattern.

Dekton is composed of a blend of raw materials, porcelain, and glass. It benefits from high strength and versatility, perfect for use in both home applications and larger projects.

Furthermore, Dekton surfaces offer outstanding technical properties, high performance, and distinctive colours and textures for outdoor and indoor projects, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall cladding, residential building façades, flooring, furniture, and shower trays. This makes it possible to create spaces with different applications to match and play off each other.

Umber: This terracotta colour features a natural reddish pigment creating a warm, textured surface that adds character to any space.

Dekton means excellence in functional beauty for any architectural project. Its polyvalence makes it ideal for any application, even in the most demanding conditions such as facades or floors.

Nacre: A cream shade characterized by subtle details from fine micro concrete to lime plastering.

“I am a big fan of Cosentino and I especially love Dekton. I’ve specified it in several applications and get a lot of play for the material. The variety of colorways, textures, and thicknesses make it an incomparable material. I work on a lot of ground up construction and love designing kitchens and bathrooms and playing with furnishings and art.” – Designer Claudia Afshar

Rem: Its intricate design with brown and gray veining and hints of gold reflects the traditional and linear structure of Calacatta Lincoln.

You imagine it. Dekton makes it possible

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