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Kitchens Aug 27, 2022

Fabri: Your Guide to Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are certainly having their moment in the sunshine this season! This is arguably one of the most asked-for additions to a new kitchen, and we can definitely see why. Whether a large, double island or a smaller island in the centre of an open plan kitchen, this feature will elevate your home and make you fall in love with your kitchen again!

Here’s what you need to know when considering an island for your new kitchen…

According to the experts, the best kitchen islands are an equal mix of good design and practicality. It makes a style statement that taps into all of the material choices and finishes you have made in your kitchen. Whether you’re planning a brand new kitchen or looking to update your existing space, choosing the right components for your kitchen island is key to achieving optimal workability and a brilliant aesthetic outcome.

The first consideration will be the available space and the layout of your new kitchen. This will definitely impact the size of island that you can bring into the space. It will also impact the overall flow and functionality of your kitchen.

Next, the ‘why’ of your kitchen island. Are you wanting an island for more storage, prep space, a place to eat, or all of the above? This should be central to what type of island you will incorporate and what finishes you use.

Kitchen islands typically take a lot of strain. From food preparation to dirty dishes, stains and more. So when you choose a countertop, be sure to think about the durability of your island, as well as maintenance! Do you want a top that’s hard-wearing with little or no upkeep? Is a classic, timeless look high on your agenda or are you drawn to the latest trends in colours and materials?

Would you prefer the appearance of stone or wood? Does it need to include a sink or cooktop? Some kitchen islands feature hidden storage, while others have more space for seating.

We suggest making a list of everything you want from a new island, and let this be the starting point to making the right decision.

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen and bring it into the 21st Century, then get in touch with Fabri – specialists in kitchen design. Their modern designs, latest innovations and breathtaking kitchens are always on our wish list!

Be sure to check them out and get in touch should you be ready to transform your own kitchen!

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