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Kitchens Nov 11, 2021

Fabri: Kitchen Zones Make Life Easy

Designers around the world often learn and adapt to interior rules to ensure flow and function within each room. In the kitchen, the age-old design rule of a ‘work triangle’ dates back to 100 years ago when it was first implemented in the 1920s! Today, homes and design principles have changed, and we’re taking things to a whole new level with work zones in the kitchen for optimum style and function.

What’s the deal with the work triangle?

In this design staple, the space and flow between the fridge, sink and stove needs to be carefully considered. The work triangle is therefore all about the ideal layout between these three primary workstations in any kitchen. The idea is to enhance the efficiency of the kitchen, regardless of the size or shape of your space.

Although this design concept still makes a lot of sense, the ways in which we live and function in the kitchen have changed over the years. Today, modern kitchen design is more about zones for optimal function and style. Many contemporary kitchens are now open plan, serving as a kitchen space leading into an entertainment area, dining room or bar. All these areas co-exist and need to function harmoniously to achieve better flow.

This takes the idea of a work triangle in the kitchen to a whole new level. By implementing key zones, designers can help prevent people from being on top of each other in a high-traffic kitchen. The modern kitchen layout therefore needs to boost efficiency and consider the unique needs of the homeowner.


What are some of the key functional zones?

A coffee station

Coffee has become a celebrated part of everyday life in many cultures. You can create a dedicated coffee station in your kitchen as a part of your morning routine. This is a very functional area where you can quickly and efficiently access everything you need to make that perfect cuppa!

A baking zone

This may be a dedicated area in your kitchen for the art of baking. Here you will keep all your basic tools and baking utensils and appliances. You may want a low counter for kneading dough. Or easy access to the oven for baking those treats!


Cleaning zone

Many modern kitchens now incorporate a zone for cleaning supplies. A long cupboard is usually ideal here for a broom and utensils. You may also want to incorporate a cupboard for detergents, sprays and more that is out of the way of little children.

A bar area

Open-plan kitchens may be equipped with a contemporary bar area. This is the ideal spot to include glassware, bottles, tools and more for entertainment with easy access to your living space.

Zones often help you make better use of your interior. Each area is clearly defined and will help you work more efficiently in your kitchen.

If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen to meet all your needs and tick all of the above boxes, the team from Fabri are all about customised spaces for optimal living. Fabri offers custom-designed and tailor made kitchens, bathrooms and closets. Get in touch with Fabri and bring your kitchen dreams to life.


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