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Kitchens Jun 27, 2024

Experience the World of Blum: A Journey Through Inspiration and Innovation

Blum South Africa, a subsidiary of the Blum Group, is proud to announce the completion of its new brand-new purpose-built facility in Sandton, Gauteng. This flagship location boasting a 430sqm state-of-the-art showroom and 135sqm training facility is designed to inspire designers, architects, cabinet makers, and end users as they embark on their building projects. Discerning shoppers who appreciate aesthetics and the tactile experience of quality furniture will find Blum’s innovative fittings particularly appealing.

The opening of the Gauteng showroom marks a significant milestone for Blum South Africa, one of the most successful trading and service companies for the Blum Group in Southern Africa. The showroom was officially opened on May 14, 2024, by Tobias Joseph (Sales Manager for Sub-Sahara Africa), alongside Simon Eberle (Regional Director of MEA, Middle East and Africa) and the company’s management team. This year marks Blum’s impressive 45th anniversary of operations in South Africa, highlighting nearly half a century of excellence and dedication in the industry. With the new 2000sqm warehouse providing a large storage capacity, Blum South Africa can service the entire Southern African region reaching far up North into Africa allowing for reliable availability.


Left to right: Tobias Joseph, Alcuin Botha, Desiré Hasting, Ashley Howarth, Charisse Gray, Simon Eberle

Our new Blum showroom:
We welcome you to the new Blum showroom in Sandton, where inspiration meets innovation in the heart of South Africa. Like Blum’s HQ in Austria, Höchst, our showroom has been meticulously crafted to offer visitors a comprehensive glimpse into the world of Blum. Let’s take a journey through the elements that make our showroom an immersive brand experience.

Creating Living Environments:
At the core of our showroom design lies the concept of ‘living environments’. We believe in going beyond merely showcasing products; we aim to create spaces that resonate with our visitors on a personal level. Mario Schmelzenbach, head of fair construction at Blum Austria, emphasises the importance of making guests feel at home as they explore our showroom. From the warmth of our carefully chosen colours to the tactile experience of interacting with our products, every detail is crafted to inspire and engage.


Fully functional kitchen display equipped with:
TANDEMBOX drawer systems
Integrated fridge with electrical SERVO-DRIVE motion support system
AVENTOS lift systems

Moving Ideas:
Central to our brand ethos is the concept of ‘moving ideas’. Throughout the showroom, visitors encounter displays reflecting our seven pillars of moving ideas –innovation, inspiration, services and more, which serve as a visual reminder of our commitment to fostering inspiring concepts and delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

Exploring Innovation:
The heart of our showroom showcases Blum’s extensive product range, including box systems, runners, hinges, lift systems, and pocket systems. Our program units, equipped with interactive screens, provide in-depth information, and allow visitors to test and compare the extensive range of products. Inspiration units, featuring exclusively designed themed furniture, demonstrate how Blum products can be incorporated and used throughout the home. Additionally, visitors are invited to explore fully equipped, functional kitchens, allowing them to experience the quality and functionality of Blum products firsthand.


Bathroom Inspiration unit equipped with:
Blum’s new MERIVOBOX drawer system
U-shaped sink drawer
High fronted drawer with internal drawer
AMBIA-LINE internal organisers

Customized Experiences.
At Blum, we understand that our customers have unique needs and preferences. That’s why our showroom is designed with our diverse market in mind for collaboration and innovation.

We are excited to host designers, architects, and other industry professionals in our new design training lab. We have a dedicated classroom-style training space as well as a specifier library where you can find inspiration, build mood boards, and get assistance with specifications on our innovative fittings. We offer various workshops, from product specifications and design standards to advanced courses on accessibility design, universal design, and age-in-place design.

In our new design training lab, you will find our Good-Better-Best and comparison models, allowing you to experience our various products. We are also the proud owners of an AgeExplorer® suit that simulates diminishing strength, mobility, and perception. Our showroom complements our workshops by offering additional application ideas through our inspiration models. Our specifier space is available for bookings, allowing you to host meetings to discuss project requirements.

The new workshop space is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of installers and cabinet makers. The spacious room is fitted with Blum machines and arranged to facilitate hands-on learning allowing trainees to gain practical experience for achieving high standards of craftsmanship with Blum products.


Fully functional island kitchen display showcasing Blum’s new REVEGO pocket door system.
(Open doors)
LEGRABOX drawer systems in the base cabinets.

A Vision for the Future:
As visitors conclude their journey through the world of Blum, they are invited to engage in in-depth discussions with our team, exploring opportunities for partnership and collaboration. Our showroom in Sandton embodies our vision for the future—not just a space for displaying products, but a hub for creativity, inspiration, and meaningful connections. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our new premises.


Contact: Blum South Africa.
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