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Easylife Kitchens: Organise Your Kitchen Like A Pro

No matter how big or small your kitchen may be, a little organisation can go a long way. Make full use of your space and fall in love with your kitchen again. Here we share some pro organising tips to help you create a kitchen you’ll want to spend more time in.

Finding the right utensil in the middle of cooking up a meal can be frustrating – especially if you’re left to search through messy drawers and cupboards. The opposite is true if you have organised spaces and everything has a home. Suddenly, you’ll have easy access to your utensils and appliances as you need them.

Organisation can certainly transform your kitchen, so start with your drawers and cupboards and clear the clutter. Invest in custom organisers with compartments that allow for different sized utensils and cutlery. With each item packed neatly into its own demarcated space, you will easily be able to spot and pull out what you need, when you need it.

Freestanding organisers also work great. Invest in custom organisers to house your cleaning materials under the sink, or a magnetic or wall mounted organiser which you can use to store paper towels, spices, and everyday utensils for ease of access.

Under-counter storage is another great way to keep your kitchen organised. Below the kitchen island, you could opt for open shelving for all your essential items. Whether this is a special spot for recipe books and appliances, or simply decor and homeware to complement your design scheme, under-counter storage can be both functional and beautiful.

The same is true for under-shelf storage, whether on an open shelf or in a cabinet. If you have large cupboards with under-utilised space, invest in under-shelf baskets or metal stemware holders to neatly stack your glasses. Simply hang your wine glasses from the underside of a stemware holder and let it maximise your space.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a newly designed or upgraded kitchen, the experts from Easy Life Kitchen offer years of experience and skill to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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