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Kitchens Jul 30, 2020

7 Quick & Efficient Ways To Modify Your Kitchen





Kitchen remodelling is not an easy affair. Many things come into play – kitchen cabinets, woodwork, flooring, aesthetics, lighting, appliances. Then there are modern luxuries like kitchen design, faucets, hardware. 

Kitchen is no longer a space of utility and function but a place for conversations. That is why it needs a makeover from time to time to make it look pleasing. Are you running short of kitchen upgrade ideas? Here are some hand-picked thoughts to help change your kitchen to an awesome place. Happy making meals and memories!

1.   Dress up the Kitchen Walls with Pieces of Art: 

A kitchen may look boring and unattractive if not designed well. Add more zest to the place where we cook memories by doing up the kitchen walls and dining space. Graphic wallpaper in the kitchen can make it look avant-garde. Put a good amount of emphasis on the art pattern and the choice of colours for your kitchen. Find a design print that can fill the kitchen space.   

In the age of boho trends, wall hangings have become a rage. Search for some nice and quirky kitchen wall hangings on e-commerce portals. You can even make DIY pieces to fill up your kitchen wall.

There can be no dearth of ideas when you are dressing up your kitchen. Create a living wall with a special pocket to hold your plants. You can also put up vintage signs or family photographs in the kitchen space. Get custom countertops to transform the kitchen surface into a striking statement.

2. Play around with Warm Lighting



Lighting has a subtle role to play in making the meals look nice and delicious. Conventional lights are bright and can be overpowering. Try and avoid excess lighting in the kitchen. Stay away from dim lights too. Pleasant lights are always welcome to the eye.

The light switch panels in the kitchen should match the hardware and the general look and feel of the space. Do your shopping for light switches and kitchen fixtures easy by comparing online prices of home décor stores. It is a good method to get a whole lot of options before finalizing the buy.

In case you find a high-priced classy lighting fixture in a magazine, go for a cheaper look-alike in a departmental store. Keep browsing deals and offers on lighting products from time to time, and you may get expensive light pendants at a fancy price.

3.   Redefine Kitchen with Glam Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucet has its place in the kitchen dynamics. It not only improves the functionality of your kitchen it also enhances the cooking experience.   Filling pots and washing pans is a pesky job. Make it easy and upmarket by going in for faucets with increased height. Change the design feel of the kitchen faucets to ornamental and vintage. Trendy finish like brushed brass or plain stainless steel is a good option to explore.

4.   Roll-out Kitchen Shelves are Modern and Contemporary

There are old-fashioned kitchen cabinets which can be hard to reach for the aged people in the house. Then there is a pull-out version that is a complete package in ease and function.  

All your fancy-looking pans and crockery items are in phenomenal reach with roll-out kitchen shelves. Stretching your arm to pull out a serving bowl is not needed. The roll-out cabinets give you ample room to put and take out your cooking gadgets, tableware and cutlery. All it needs is a better organization of the kitchen essentials and crockery items

5.   Upgrade your Kitchen Décor

Kitchen space is where you spend three parts of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Little things like the dining table cover to the seating arrangement can brighten and cheer up space.  

A brush of paint and putting new curtains or Venetian blinds can make the kitchen look super cool and of urban taste.    

Add quirky items of décor in the kitchen – may be a flower pot with abstract painting on it or a wall clock in the form of a round-shaped cooking pan. They will be a piece of joy for the family.        

6. Let your Kitchen Appliances be a Mix of Basic and Upmarket


We love to buy new things for our house, season or off-season. The same rule applies to our kitchen. New appliances keep filling the consumer stores, so weigh all options before buying a new item for your kitchen.

Being a prudent shopper can be a wise decision. Consider the option of buying used appliances for your kitchen if they are on the expensive side. At the time of annual sales when there are fancy discounts available from shop to shop, buy new items from the branded stores.

7.   Tile the Kitchen Walls


Meals and curries can ruin the table décor and garments, especially when you have a baby in the house. Adding a fancy tile in your kitchen is the best way to escape the risk. It gives a dramatic feel and the kitchen a done-up look.  

Avoid using stark colors in kitchen tiles. The designs can be floral to abstract mosaics or tiny caricatures that fit in all segments and age groups.

Wallpapers as an option are on the rise. It gives you a design advantage. Depending on the type of accommodation, you can choose between a backsplash and wallpaper.       

The Bottom Line

Mediterranean or Mexican, your diet preferences can be many. But it is essentials like kitchen décor, flooring, crockery, hardware, even a garbage can that can add creativity and imagination to a kitchen space. A kitchen is fundamental to culinary excellence, so change it to the trends and tastes.     

Author Bio:

Emma Willson is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the home & lifestyle industry. She is passionate about spreading her knowledge & tips across the world. Apart from writing, she loves traveling, styling & cooking.  


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