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Kitchens May 19, 2023

7 Best Kitchen Styles & Designs For Your New Kitchen Renovation

Discover the best kitchen styles and designs for your kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design and renovating your kitchen, one of the hardest choices is deciding what style of kitchen you should opt for. Kitchen renovations can be a hefty investment and choosing a kitchen style that you aren’t too keen on can cause all sorts of issues that will ultimately lead to you spending more money one way or the other.

Therefore, it is vital that you choose and decide upon the right kitchen design and style for your home so you can create the kitchen that you have always been dreaming of and not be worried that you picked something that you will want to change five years down the line.

Your kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in your entire home and the kitchen should be designed in a way that is suitable to your specific lifestyle and in a way that makes your life easier and more relaxing.

Furthermore, it should be designed in a way that reflects your personality and the overall feel of the inside of your home. However, if you are stuck on which kitchen style will be the best choice for your home, it may be worthwhile considering these seven kitchen styles that have taken the kitchen industry by storm with kitchen ideas that can be used to draw inspiration for your next kitchen remodel.

The 7 best kitchen styles for your kitchen renovation

The seven best kitchen styles that you should incorporate into your home are the following:

  1. Contemporary
  2. Farmhouse
  3. Modern
  4. Traditional
  5. Industrial
  6. Mediterranean
  7. Transitional 

1. Contemporary

A contemporary kitchen design is one of the most popular kitchen styles you will see whether that is visiting a kitchen showroom or someone else’s home, more often than not it will be a contemporary kitchen.

A contemporary kitchen style features minimal and sleek designs that is characterized by black cabinetry or darker-coloured woods. This is often complimented with a white or light-coloured worktop with stainless steel, silver or black coloured appliances working well in this style.

It is the perfect style for those who want a functional and smooth design within their kitchen that is also artistic and can incorporate natural elements such as plants, vases and natural light. It is a clean and sleek design that is minimal and seamlessly blends into the rest of the home’s interior design.

2. Farmhouse

A farmhouse kitchen design looks exactly like the name suggests and no that does not mean there will be wild farm animals running around your home before you get too carried away with yourself.

A farmhouse kitchen design focuses on a rustic and country manner feel. It has an emphasis on natural materials, unpretentious designs and a cooking space that is typically home to a large range cooker. It is often characterized by rustic feeling cabinetry that is in dark-coloured woods. Chairs and large tables are also constructed from dark hardwoods such as maple, oak and pine woods. The typical appliances you would find integrated into this design are classic gas hobs and large freestanding metallic freezers. Most appliances will be made out of metal when possible and coloured in silver or stainless steel colour.

This design is perfect for older homes and cottages that are located in nature. It is also a great choice for those who are living in converted barns and buildings alike. One thing to note is that no matter what type of home you choose this kitchen design inside of, it is worth considering that the rest of the home needs to be designed in a similar style to the rustic vibes that this kitchen design presents.

3. Modern

The future is now and the popularity of modern-style kitchens has skyrocketed in the past decade or so. More and more people are moving away from the traditional rustic-looking kitchen styles and opting for modern, sleek designs, particularly in new build homes.

A modern kitchen design consists of open spaces, simple colours ad minimalist features. The kitchen space is often clutter free with sockets typically hidden with the kitchen worktops and storage items such as bread bins being hidden away in handless cupboards. Appliances are often integrated into the design, hidden behind cabinet doors creating a sleek and streamlined feel to the kitchen. The colours of the kitchen can range from matt blacks to gloss blue and pink; the opportunities are endless.

A modern kitchen is perfect for new build homes and more modern city or suburban living. This design allows you to incorporate new appliance technology such as smart appliances and works well with interiors of homes that opt for a minimal and smooth design alike.

4. Traditional

For those with a simple taste that like to stick to their roots. A traditional kitchen is a classic style that will never die out of popularity. If you are looking for a design that will withstand the test of time and particular kitchen trends, traditional kitchens are a great choice.

Traditional kitchen styles are characterised by soft muted colours that are easy on the eye such as whites and soft blacks. It incorporates natural colours such as hardwood that often contains intricate details and patterns on the cupboard doors. The handles on the units are typically metallic with patterned door knobs in either silver or gold. It also includes raised panel cabinets and crown moulding. As for the appliances they are often very typically being freestanding appliances that are either silver or black.

The traditional style kitchen is the best option for those who have a classic feel to their home and want to continue this vibe into their kitchen space.

5. Industrial

For more of a raw and harder-hitting feel, you can look to integrate the industrial style into your home. Industrial-style kitchens are rising in popularity and for good reason too. If you want to achieve a unique feel to your home, this is definitely the kitchen style for you.

Industrial-style kitchens are designed simply with raw materials and tough fixtures that take a centrepiece as the standout pieces in this kitchen design. They typically feature exposed elements, open spaces and simple decor. They use various materials that are layered together to create a kitchen that values functionality and design.

These types of kitchens are perfect for those who have a bit of space to play with and are attempting to create something unique. It is ideal for those who are living in city living spaces such as accommodation spaces, renovated warehouses and flats.

6. Mediterranean

If you are missing the sunshine and thinking about adding a bit of colour and character to your home, there is nothing more charming than a Mediterranean-style kitchen design. This type of design will certainly only work for particular households and people alike but if you can make it work, a Mediterranean-style kitchen can be a unique and vibrant design that provides warmth and clarity throughout your entire home acting as a ray of sunshine spreading rays through each room of your home.

A Mediterranean-style kitchen exudes warmth and sunny charm that is bright with colours featuring chrome and acrylic. It features earthy tones, textured walls and ornate details such as acrylic tilework and iron accents throughout the kitchen design. It uses strong natural materials such as wood, granite and marble that are used throughout the kitchen. As for the type of appliances these can be free-standing or integrated and come in quirky colours that match the colour of the kitchen such as sunny yellows or bright blues.

The Mediterranean kitchen style is a unique type of kitchen that can only suit specific and certain designs of homes. However, if your personality as well as your home matches the bright colours and abstract details of this kitchen style, it is more than worth incorporating this unique style into your kitchen.

7. Transitional

For those who want a classy take on a traditional design, there is nothing more ideal than a transitional kitchen. It is a great choice for those attempting to strike the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional styles.

Transitional kitchen styles incorporate both styles of contemporary and traditional kitchen styles. They strike a balance between modern and classic aesthetics including a mix of materials. They contain a neutral colour pallet that includes streamlined units and cabinets plus a combination of appliances that are both modern and traditional. For example, stainless steel appliances are often centrepieces whilst fridges and smaller appliances are often integrated behind units.

If you want to achieve a classy but comprehensive design to your kitchen with a modern but traditional feel, a transitional kitchen is the perfect choice for your home.


Hopefully, these seven trending kitchen styles have given you kitchen design inspiration so that you can incorporate aspects of these seven kitchen styles into your own kitchen design.

There are plenty of different kitchen manufacturers that will create kitchen ranges that cater to all seven of these styles so if you are interested in a particular look and aesthetic that one of these seven kitchen styles presents, it may be worth speaking to a local design expert who will be able to help advise you on the best kitchen ranges to suit your personal requirements.

When it comes to deciding on the final kitchen style of your kitchen it is worth considering everyone’s opinion and choice and coming to a compromise if necessary. Renovating your kitchen space is not a cheap investment so you want to be confident that the kitchen style you choose is something that will not only age well within your home but also something that you would be happy to look at every day. As we said the kitchen is one of the most used rooms within your home, so it is vital that you create a look that you won’t mind spending hours in each and every day.

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