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5 Tips To Creating Your Dream Kitchen

A kitchen is often a happy place in the home – the heart from which all goodness, family meals, fellowship and camaraderie flow. As such, be sure to make this homely space your own and bring your own unique touch to create a vibrant, dream kitchen you’ll love. Let our tops inspire you in the creation of your own ideal kitchen space!

Colour Add a playful tone to your kitchen. We’re also seeing a move toward darker colours in the kitchen which is oh so exciting! This doesn’t need to be done in the finishing or wall paint alone. Instead, you could opt to bring a blissful tone to your kitchen through the innovative use of accent pieces, such as jars, appliances or even cabinet doors and handles. A simple burst of colour can add life to this family space. Lighting As with any other room in your home, lighting can do much to set the mood in the kitchen.

A beautiful pendant or even a chandelier in this space can easily elevate the status of the room! Add gorgeous task lighting with backlighting tucked away below cabinets or in strategic places, to transform your kitchen from dull and average into something exceptional! Mix finishes From wood to metal, glass to ceramics… the kitchen is a great space in which to play with a mix of finishes. A gorgeous natural stone countertop will add depth in this space – paired with the softer tones of raw wood, or even concrete, and create an earthy, natural and grounded atmosphere in your dream kitchen. Integration The kitchen of the future is one that is completely integrated with technology to offer you the best in layout and function. Invest in quality appliances and kitchen gadgets to enhance your cooking experience. Think out of the box and design a stylish yet timeless kitchen. It’s in the plumbing Don’t overlook key features such as your kitchen sink and taps. There are some amazing options on the market at the moment, from matte black sanitary ware to modern ceramics or metal finishes to impress. Elevate your kitchen into the 21st century with one of these stylish selections that are the epitome of style. Visit www.sadecor.co.za

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