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4 Easylife Kitchen Hacks to A More Organized Space This Women’s Month

It’s Women’s Month and today we are honouring all the amazing women in our lives – those with demanding careers; those raising families; and certainly those fearless women who keep it all together for the entire family.

We want to help you and your family create a perfectly organized space this Women’s Month. Here we share some top tips to creating a tidy, organized kitchen with the help of Easylife kitchens.

It all begins with storage…

Simple storage can help you keep things tidy and organized in the kitchen. A lack of storage can create mayhem in the kitchen with clutter, mess and stuff sprawled across counters, in cupboards and inside messy drawers!

Invest in quality storage solutions to maximise your kitchen. Think innovative products such as drawer organizers to help you achieve a tidy space. Add internal cupboard racks and dividers to help you keep things in order, inside and outside your cupboards and drawers.


Open shelving is a great way to keep your counters clean and give your items a functional storage space in the kitchen. A simple floating shelf on an empty wall can be put to good use to store essential items as well as decor, plants and vases to elevate your kitchen.

Think strategically and add shelving to an otherwise unused wall space. This way you can make the most of your kitchen and add functional storage where it is needed most.

Keep counters clear:

Minimise clutter by keeping your countertops clear of clutter. Only keep your most prized appliances on the counter – those you use daily. This may include a kettle, blender and toaster etc. Be sure that these fit into the aesthetic of your kitchen to keep it looking fresh and seamless.

Maximise Wall Space:

Be sure to invest in customised cabinets that make the most of your wall space and storage in the kitchen. Allow the professionals to come in and measure up, suggesting innovative cabinet solutions that will make the most of your space. We love the latest seamless doors with or without handles for a modern, stylish finish.

Easylife Kitchens, with factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and 31 showrooms country wide, offers a wide range of affordable kitchen finishes and accessories. Their showrooms boast world-class kitchen technology and on-trend kitchen designs.

For more visit Easylife Kitchens.

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