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Kitchens Nov 5, 2021

4 common kitchen design mishaps and how to avoid them

There’s no denying that redesigning and renovating your kitchen is a big project, but it’s the most important room in your home. When your redesign is done right, your new kitchen will make your life easier, especially when our functional design and smart storage solutions are involved. Here are some of the most common kitchen mishaps and how to avoid them.

Replacing like for like 

If your layout works – that’s great! But rethinking the way your kitchen works can allow for more storage, more worktops, and better flow. Imagine your kitchen as a blank canvas and go from there. Instead of replacing everything with a newer version of the same thing, allow our designers to see it from new eyes and create a usable room, makes your life easier, and has been designed with your needs in mind.

Not enough lighting 

It doesn’t matter how small or large your kitchen is, lighting, and ensuring it’s the right lighting, is vital. The biggest mishap is not having enough lighting in the places they matter most – your prep space!

Too little countertop space

One of the biggest problems you might find is that you don’t have enough countertop space to work with. Your induction hob shouldn’t have to double as a spot to store goods on when not used. Pack away appliances that aren’t used often to give you more space on your counters, or opt for an island where you can make use of countertop space as working space.


Don’t go for looks alone

We get it, those trendy appliances look sleek and elegant. But you should never choose appliances based on looks alone. The last thing you want is a beautiful dishwasher that can’t fit all your plates or a freezer that looks good but doesn’t have enough space. Invest in what is going to help make your life easier. The extractor fan that looks beautiful or the extractor fan that is going to whisk away the steam and smells? If you look carefully, you can find appliances that are both aesthetic and meet your needs.


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