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Introducing the ultra-chic new Kettle from AGA

The AGA name has long been synonymous with good food and fine living and the AGA Cookshop, featuring cookware and accessories, draws heavily on these values.

Recognised as the world’s best cooking appliance, the AGA oven commands a level of adulation more often associated with the glitz of Hollywood fame — and generates similar devotion. It’s deemed the number one luxury appliance brand and revered as one of the top three design icons of the century. It’s the kitchen centrepiece of Celebrities, Professional Chefs and Homeowners across the globe. AGA represents a lifestyle, one that owners embrace and share fervently with others.

A boiling kettle is synonymous with the warmth and hospitality of an AGA kitchen. Their kettles are designed for maximum performance with a thick solid base which ensures a quick boiling time. The kettle features an insulated easy grip handle, and is available in several colours.

We love the modern design with a classic feel. This appliance is perfect for a warm winter’s day when a cup of cocoa is all one needs to warm up and feel good!

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