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Kitchens Sep 6, 2022

GROHE: Welcome To Your Private Water Source

When was the last time you truly tasted water? When you took a sip that left you thirsting for more? That’s what happens after your first encounter with GROHE Blue Home: a beautiful and intelligent system that transforms simple water into pure thirst-quenching pleasure, and your kitchen into a meeting place for thirsty friends.

The GROHE Blue Home cooler is an undercover genius that takes the water, filters it, chills it and makes it sparkle, ready to fill your glass to the brim.

First the sheer elegance of the tap catches the eye. But when you look behind the scenes, you’ll discover the secret of GROHE Blue Home: the cooler – and why drinking water will never be the same again.

Still, Medium or Sparkling: The choice is all yours…

Still waters run deep. If you prefer your water cool and still, nothing could be simpler: just push the top button. The LED lights up blue and your glass fills with pure refreshment.

How sparkling do you like your water? It’s all a matter of taste. GROHE Blue Home has a simple and intuitive mechanism that lets you carbonate your drinking water at the touch of a button. Deliciously cool filtered water, just the way that you – and
all your family – like it.

Sparkling – but not too much? More of a medium sparkling? Coming right up. Press both buttons in sequence – the LED lights up turquoise – to produce a finely pearled stream of water.

Sparkling water, alive with bubbles. If that’s your idea of thirst-quenching heaven, just press the lower button – the LED lights up green – for your perfect glass of water.

Perfectly chilled

Imagine the refreshing sensation of chilled water – cool and thirst-quenching. Ready and waiting for you at the touch of a button – at exactly the right temperature. Think of the glass misting over with minute water droplets and of that first delicious cold gulp. Chilled water on demand – how refreshing is that then?

This is the shape of tomorrow’s drinking water. Form and function come together in GROHE Blue Home, combining all the advantages of a high-end kitchen tap and a sophisticated water cooler. Add to that intuitive and timeless design and you are looking at the water source of the future.

For more visit GROHE.


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