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Kitchens Oct 25, 2023

GROHE Unveils The Newest Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the room in the house where we prepare, often as a family or couple, for the day ahead and where we wind down together after a long day. The kitchen is also a space where creativity and experimentation can flourish as we try out new recipes and flavours. A place where memories are made, with the aroma of delicious food filling the air and laughter echoing through the room.

Probably one of the most utilised spaces in the home’s kitchen is the kitchen sink. It’s where we place all of our dirty dishes, where the entire family washes their hands before meals, and where we wash our vegetables and fruit before transforming them into meals.


Here at GROHE, we have launched an exciting new range of kitchen sinks that match our reputation in both form and function.

We all know how dishes can pile up in the kitchen sink, and this is where a double sink comes in handy.  Being able to wash one side, and then rinse on the other has always been a game changer.  But, our new range of kitchen sinks are about to further change the way you look at washing dishes…

Our new GROHE kitchen sink range comprises classy, silent sinks with features you would have wished you had access to decades ago.

The power of a well-designed kitchen sink cannot be underestimated. It is not just a tool but a part of the kitchen experience, playing a pivotal role in daily routines, from preparing meals to tidying up. Recognising the importance of this humble kitchen appliance, GROHE has taken innovation to the next level with a line of sinks that offers more than just functionality. With attention paid to every minute detail, GROHE’s kitchen sinks integrate aesthetics, practicality, and luxury to transform the ordinary task of washing dishes into something remarkably enjoyable.

Our new range doesn’t just offer a solution to a common kitchen annoyance; it redefines what a sink can be. Gone are the days when a sink was merely a basin for washing dishes. The GROHE kitchen sinks are designed with state-of-the-art features such as GROHE Whisper insulation for a quieter kitchen and an automatic waste fitting that eliminates the need to touch the strainer plug.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting features of our new range of kitchen sinks.

Models and Features

  1. 440mm Prep Bowl (G-31720SD0) A top-mount model designed for ease of use, this prep bowl is manufactured from high quality stainless steel, providing long-lasting durability. The GROHE Starlight finish adds a luxurious touch, while the GROHE Whisper feature ensures a quieter kitchen experience.
  2. Single Bowl with Draining Board (G-31552SD1)A spacious sink that comfortably accommodates large pots and pans with its 16cm depth. The draining board adds functionality, while GROHE Whisper insulation dampens noise. Installation is swift and fuss-free with the GROHE QuickFix system.
  3. 1.5 Bowl With Draining Board (G-31564SD1)Offering more flexibility with one and a half (1.5) bowls, this model makes washing up more manageable. It includes the same GROHE Whisper insulation and has a brushed finish to keep the surface looking pristine.
  4. 1 Bowl No Draining Board (G-31574SD1)This undermount model offers clean lines and generous internal space, with a bowl depth of 20cm. The GROHE Whisper insulation keeps noise to a minimum, and the brushed finish ensures the sink looks good for longer.
  5. Double Bowl with Draining Board (G-31588SD1)The GROHE K500 stainless steel kitchen sink significantly enhances your kitchen’s functionality, allowing you to complete all tasks with ease. It has two pre-drilled tap holes, making it fully reversible, and offers plenty of internal space. Each bowl has a depth of 18.5cm, allowing even large pans to fit comfortably. Made from GROHE StarLight high-grade stainless steel and boasting a brushed finish, the surface becomes less porous, ensuring that the sink retains its appearance over time. Installation is a breeze with the GROHE QuickFix system, and you can choose between a classic top mount installation with a 7mm profile or a flush-mount installation with a 2mm recess, perfect for fitting flush to the worktop.

Redefining Convenience

No more putting your hands into the dish water and removing plugs with your hands — the automatic waste fitting with remote control is a game-changer. All sinks in this range come furnished with automatic waste fittings, GROHE Whisper insulation, GROHE StarLight high-grade stainless steel with a brushed finish, and options for classic top mount, flush-mount, or sleek undermount installation, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality in your kitchen.

Pairing with GROHE Kitchen Taps

This range of kitchen sinks is designed to complement GROHE kitchen taps, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

The GROHE kitchen sink range is an amalgamation of elegance and efficiency, where innovation meets timeless design. Crafted to perfection, these sinks come in various models to suit the unique needs of every kitchen.  Additionally, with their robust construction and GROHE StarLight finish, these sinks stand as the epitome of quality, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.
What sets the GROHE kitchen sinks apart from others is their adaptability. Whether you are a culinary enthusiast who spends hours in the kitchen or someone who wants a fuss-free cooking space, GROHE’s sinks offer options to suit your needs.

The GROHE Kitchen Sinks are more than a functional necessity; they are a statement of style, innovation, and convenience. From the quiet operation of GROHE Whisper to the thoughtful practicality of the automatic waste fitting, each element has been designed with the user in mind.

These sinks are not just about washing dishes; they enhance the overall kitchen experience, blending seamlessly with modern aesthetics and providing unmatched functionality. They embody a commitment to quality, reflecting GROHE’s dedication to crafting products that genuinely improve our daily lives.

Isn’t it time to elevate your kitchen to the next level? Discover the GROHE Kitchen Sink that fits your needs and taste. Click here to view our range and take the first step towards a more stylish and efficient kitchen today.

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