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Dec 5, 2017

Franke SA Add 4 Stylish New Mixers To Their Range

If you’re in the process of creating your dream kitchen, and you’re looking for a sink mixer that’ll complement your design, then we have good news for you! Franke SA has just released 4 stunning mixers that are sure to simplify your search. From increased functionality to trendy new designs, the Neptune Clear Water Filter Flow, Pescara 360° Professional, Flexus Professional and Active Plus sink mixers are the embodiment of Franke’s ‘Make it Wonderful’ slogan. Scroll down for a glimpse of what you can look forward to:

Transform Your Design With Franke Kitchen Taps

The Neptune Clear Water Filter Flow

This Franke sink mixer is the perfect accessory for any modern kitchen. With a bright chrome finish and a sparkling polish, the Neptune Clear Water Filter Flow will add serious style to your design! And if you’re eager to experience the luxury of crystal clear, pure-tasting filtered water on tap, then this mixer’s state-of-the art water purification filter won’t disappoint.

The Pescara 360° Professional

  Like the idea of a retractable hose, which allows you to easily rinse your dishes or veggies? Why not consider the Pescara 360° Professional? Standing 460 mm tall and flaunting an extremely elegant curve, this kitchen tap gives you added convenience with its innovative and expertly crafted design.

The Flexus Professional

If flexibility or freedom of movement is what you’re after, then take a closer look at this kitchen acrobat! The Flexus Professional has a bendable spout, which you can unclip to effortlessly control the direction and flow of water. It also boasts two different water dispensing features: continuous flow for filling the sink and spray function for rinsing dishes and veggies.

The Active Plus Sink Mixer

Fragranite sink owners will be glad to know that Franke have created the perfect sink mixer complement to the Maris and Kubus Fragranite sink range. The Active Plus comes in two excellent colours – Polar White and Onyx – and features a sleek and stylish handle that can swivel 180°.

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