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Kitchens Feb 11, 2022

Franke: Condensation Under The Sink?

Condensation is a common issue that could arise under your kitchen sink. If allowed to continue over time, condensation can damage the pipes, floors and storage below the sink. Today we’re looking at how to resolve this common problem and how to take the best care of your prized kitchen sink.

Condensation can cause further issues such as rot and mould build-up, especially if the area is not properly cleaned. It usually happens when the temperature inside the kitchen cabinet is warmer than the air outside. In other words, the greater the temperature difference, the higher the risk of condensation. A good illustration of this problem is taking a glass of ice-cold water and leaving it on the table for 10 minutes. You will see beads of water on the glass, which will then run down and make the table wet afterwards.

None of us has time for mould, so let’s find out how we can prevent this from becoming a reality!

1. Don’t defrost items in the sink.

The illustration mentioned above commonly happens when you defrost your frozen goods in your sink. Condensation develops underneath the sink, creating problems in the long run. Therefore, we recommend not to defrost your frozen goods in the sink. Doing so will prevent moisture and the possible growth of mold and other micro-organisms.

2. Install ventilation rings.

Installing ventilation rings on the cabinet doors will allow for a well-ventilated kitchen cabinet, ensuring the air temperature inside the cabinet is not warmer than the temperature outside.

3. Check for regular maintenance.

Like any other area of the home, it’s advisable to regularly check and carry out maintenance of your sinks and piping. Not only will you be able to replace something before it breaks, but you will be able to prevent any potential long-term damage.

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