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Kitchens Sep 25, 2021

Easylife Kitchens: 4 Reasons To Love Your Kitchen Island

Various kitchen trends come and go, but one trend that shows no sign of fading and continues to stand the test of time is the kitchen island. The designs may vary according to kitchen styles, but the island remains a timeless and versatile element. Even the smallest kitchen can benefit from having an island. Here are some reasons why this design element is so popular.

Prep Space

Chances are you have some appliances on display that can take up counter space. This is where islands allow you to have plenty of prep space. You can even add a hob or sink to your island, and it can double as an eating area too.


Depending on the style of your kitchen, you might even be able to have storage space and cupboards under your island. You can opt for open shelving, wine racks, or large pull-out drawers to store pots and pans.

Make A Statement

The functionality of the island aside, this is where you can make a design statement. Go for bright colours that add a pop to your kitchen or go for an ultra-sleek waterfall island. You can really make your island something special!


One of the biggest reasons for kitchen islands is the social element. They allow you to chat with family and friends while you can cook and still be part of the activities. Islands also work exceptionally well in open-plan homes and add a central point. You’ll also find that guests tend to gravitate towards the island.

Are you ready for the kitchen island that is going to change your life? Then it’s time to start your design journey!

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