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Kitchens Jun 3, 2022

Drain Cleaning: Why You Should Never DIY

A clogged drain is a common phenomenon-whether it’s a shower drain that starts to back up or a slow draining kitchen sink. Some common causes of clogged drains include soap, hair, dirt, and food waste. In most cases, homeowners turn to DIY cleaning methods to address drain clogs, such as using boiling water, a wire hanger, and salt and baking soda.

However, most DIY methods are temporary fixes and can make your plumbing issue a lot worse. So, it’s better to hire contractors that offer plumbing and maintenance services, such as drain cleaning Round Hill. Keep reading to learn about the reasons why you should never DIY. 

  • Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Bad News

For most homeowners, when a drain becomes clogged, their first instinct is to go to their local grocery market and look for drain cleaners. These drain cleaners may come in liquid, powder, and gel forms and offer a quick fix to even the most severe clogging. 

Unfortunately, these cleaners depend on harsh chemical ingredients to get rid of gunk, hair, debris, and whatever else is blocking your drain. They also damage your pipes and fixtures, making them more prone to leaks and other damages. In particular, if you have an older home with metal piping, using chemical cleaners can increase the risk of damage and plumbing leaks. Even if you have plastic piping or the most recent tubing, drain cleaners can still destroy those. 

In addition, harsh chemicals in drain cleaners are not only corrosive but can be toxic and bad news for your health as well. Even after pouring the cleaner down the drain, the fumes they produce can still linger in the air. Inhaling these fumes can cause serious health problems, such as breathing difficulties, chest pain, burns in your mouth and throat, and abdominal pain. 

Moreover, drain cleaners harm the environment by polluting it and killing marine life. 

  • You Don’t Have The Right Tools

Drain snakes, hydro-jets, and high-tech cameras are the modern-day tools of every professional plumber who can properly check and fix your clog and get your drain working like new again. You probably don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get the same professional equipment just to fix a single drain clog. Plus, even if you do get those tools, you might not know how to use them properly. 

  • You Might Miss A Bigger Plumbing Issue

For the average homeowner, it’s difficult to know what’s wrong with your plumbing system when a drain clog occurs. While a clog may seem like a simple problem, the underlying cause could be much more severe. 

For instance, you might simply think that it’s a gunk build-up that’s causing the clog, but it could be a corroded pipe that’s causing trouble. In this case, repair methods will differ significantly. Additionally, if you have a recurring build-up or clog, then it’s often a sign of something else more serious in your plumbing system. 

The only way to get a closer look at what’s going on in your plumbing system is to hire a qualified plumber who can do a full check-up. Professional plumbers apply methods to assess and fix clogged drains, identifying warning signs of a bigger problem. 

By relying on an expert, you’ll be reassured and confident that you’ll have a healthy drainage system again.

  • You Can Make The Problem Worse And Expensive To Address

As mentioned before, a clogged drain may look simple, but if there’s an underlying issue, then going the DIY route can magnify the problem. Whether it’s the mainline, the toilet, or your main drain, going DIY with the harsh cleaners or probing around in the pipes can turn a small problem into a bigger one: The connection gets loose, a plumbing leak pops up, or your pipe bursts

Resolving a serious issue like this will be costly and time-consuming. Instead of risking it, contact a plumber as soon as you can. 

  • You’ll Feel Uncomfortable

One more reason that makes DIY methods for cleaning a clogged drain a bad idea is the discomfort you might experience. If you take care of the problem yourself, you could feel uncomfortable when dealing with dirty wastewater, black gunk in the sink, or chunks of hair in the shower drain. 

While some homeowners don’t mind getting their hands dirty, you don’t have to do that yourself. Just count on your plumber to complete the task successfully and safely. 


Unclogging the drain on your own may help you save money, but you might blow the whole thing out of proportion. There’s no need to go to all the trouble to figure out the problem and fix it yourself. Call in an expert plumber, and they will offer effective and long-lasting fixes.

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