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Kitchens Aug 27, 2022

Douglas Jones: How to Pick The Perfect Backsplash For Your Kitchen

Bright and colourful, or muted and textured? What will you choose as the perfect kitchen backsplash? Let’s consider the latest trends and our top choices, with exquisite tile options now available from Douglas Jones.

In the kitchen, a pop of colour can easily infuse the room with your own personality and flair. A bold tile as a backsplash is thus an easy way to uplift the space and add a touch of vibrancy. It’s also a fun way to let your personality shine through and create a custom look that you love.

Backsplashes are not only for aesthetic purposes, however. In fact, the main purpose of a backsplash (besides looking good) is to help keep your surfaces clean and easy to maintain. As the name suggests, if anything splashes on the back of your walls – from pots or dishes – then you can simply wipe these off with very little fuss.

Tiles are therefore the perfect option here. Not only are they durable and easy to clean (simply wipe with a wet or soapy cloth), but they also offer endless design possibilities to suit your style.

Where do you even begin?

Firstly, be sure to consider the kitchen as a whole and also think about the overall feel you want to achieve. Are you after a Scandi minimalist kitchen? Or how about a farmhouse kitchen with all the bells and whistles? The end result should dictate your choice of finishes, including the perfect backsplash to fit into the aesthetic.

If you’re not sure where to begin, why not look up different kitchen designs and select the ones you love most? Finding inspiration online or in magazines will help you get a better idea of what you want to achieve in your own kitchen. This is also a good starting point to share with your own designer regarding your personal preferences.

Today there truly is a tile for every personality on the market. Whether you like clean, muted shades, or patterned mosaics with an array of colour, you can go wild and create a truly magical kitchen that speaks to your personal tastes.

Why do we love tiled backsplashes?

  • Bring colour into your room in a smaller dose. If you can’t commit to bright cabinetry or appliances, then a smaller backsplash behind your stove or sink can add a tiny touch of pattern or colour to bring interest to the room.
  • Tiled surfaces are by far one of the most easy to clean and maintain – perfect in a high splash zone such as the kitchen.
  • Modern patterned surfaces can give your kitchen a contemporary edge in an affordable way.
  • A simple backsplash update can instantly bring a fresh new look to a once dated kitchen!

If in doubt, why not take a look at the many mosaic tile offerings available from Douglas Jones! Their latest ranges are simply exquisite and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect tile to spruce up your kitchen. In fact, Douglas Jones Mosaics is a leading importer and wholesaler of unique, high-quality glass, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and recycled glass mosaics to the Southern African market. They offer bespoke, ever-evolving collections and speciality décor products, in various sizes, colours and finishes.

Visit Douglas Jones for more info.

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