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Kitchens Nov 25, 2021

Douglas Jones: 6 Backsplash Colourways To Brighten Your Kitchen

Bring a fresh new look to your kitchen by simply updating your backsplash. A new burst of colour is all it takes to give your space an instant upgrade. Douglas Jones shows us how it is done with 6 stunning tile colourways to make a statement.

Calming Ocean Aqua

Bring the tranquillity of ocean life to your kitchen with the beautiful Kit Kat Ocean Aqua tiles from Douglas Jones. These calming tones will give your space a freshness that is ideal in any contemporary kitchen. Pair with light accent colours and a white backdrop for something truly unique and special in the kitchen.

Soothing Greys

Grey is the perfect neutral in a timeless design. A striking grey backsplash will give your room a classic feel without compromising on style. Grey, like white, is always on-trend and a great way to refresh an uninspired space. Kitchen backsplashes are also a great way to add some textural contrast and a bold yet classic tile like the Kitkat Speckled Grey tiles from Douglas Jones are a worthy competitor for an elegant kitchen.


Emerald Greens

It’s a regal colour that symbolizes balance and harmony. Furthermore, green has strong associations with nature and the environment and is seen as the colour of luck, freshness and renewal. Used in a modern kitchen, it will add a sophisticated flair and bring organic energy to your space.

Cool blues

Blue is a very cool, soothing colour, especially in interior design. It often has a way of creating a calm environment and this is perfect in a modern kitchen space. We love a mix of blues – from lighter pastels and sea blues to deeper indigo and navy tones. Whatever your preference, there is a colour to suit your mood!

Fiery Reds

Need a little drama in your life? Invest in a welcome dose of red in your kitchen. This is a great and undeniable way to add colour and vibrancy to your space. Keep the rest of the room simple with muted colours and a bold red backsplash for a rich tone.

Sunshine Yellow

No denying the power of positive thinking with a bold yellow tone. It’s the colour of summer, sunshine and sunflowers growing in the field. The Kitkat Speckled Sunflower tile offering from Douglas Jones will brighten up even the dullest of rooms. We love this happy, jovial colourway for a fresh burst of renewed energy in your home.

Keep it modern and beautiful with bold tiles to create a focal point. Shop the latest looks at Douglas Jones!

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