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Kitchens Jun 24, 2024

Create Stunning Backsplashes With Tin Pressed Panels

A home, workplace or retail establishment needs certain eye-catching focal points that serve as inspiration and make a place feel unique and special.

A popular way to do this is to construct a beautiful backsplash that draws the attention of the person who walks in, providing a wonderful décor element and background in a high-activity area.

A backsplash created through the use of carefully-selected pressed decorative tin pressed panels immediately emanates class and can be a stunning way to capture the imagination while exuding warmth and elegance.
Vintage Pressed Ceilings, the pressed decorative ceiling panel experts, know that their products add effortless charm and class to any room, and they offer the widest range of colours and intricate patterns for South African customers to create the backsplash of their dreams.

Whether these tin pressed panels are used in a kitchen, a bathroom or the bedroom in a home or in the entrance or boardroom of an office, these robust artisan products are carefully crafted to the highest standards to make an instant impact.


The wonderful visual appeal and textures created by a backsplash comprising of pressed ceiling panels livens up a room and gives it classic character and traditional flair that is inherent in these fine décor masterpieces.

The tactile nature of these decorative tin backplash panels, which are available in a large variety of distinctive and appealing designs, attracts those in the room to approach and feel the stylish intricacies that the sublime 3-dimensional tiles naturally offer.

Smaller or continuous patterns generally work best for most backsplashes, such as those in a kitchen or bathroom, however larger patterns can be used if the measurements of the area in question match with the larger design, for example, in a retail setting.

As the sole South African importers of American Tin, the oldest and largest manufacturer of pressed ceilings in the world, Vintage Pressed Ceilings is the ideal partner for those looking to create a backsplash that is unmatched and oozes effortless elegance and charm.

If a backsplash is on the cards, a popular and aesthetically appealing option is to create it using the sophistication and charm of pressed panels to produce a textured, visual feast that is sure to captivate and delight.

Visit: Vintage Pressed Ceilings.
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