Competition: Win A New Franke Mixer To Transform Your Kitchen

CONGRATULATIONS Jaclyn Goliath lucky follower  to win their very own Franke mixer and add some sophistication to the kitchen.

After years of chrome taps dominating in the home, 2019 welcomes a swing in trend towards alternative metals and unique coloured finishes. And while chrome will always have its place, there are now an array of fresh finishes to choose from.

With this in mind, Franke have extended their kitchen mixer offering with a new range of stainless steel sink mixers and the introduction of gunmetal-grey options on two already popular Franke sink mixer models – the Highrise and Lucido Swivels.


We’re giving one lucky follower the chance to win their very own Franke mixer and add some sophistication to the kitchen.

All you have to do to enter is:

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  • Comment below and answer one simple question: How will a new Franke mixer add style to your kitchen?

Entries are open to South African citizens only.  The winners will be selected randomly. No exchanges or returns available – The competition closes on the 1 March 2019.

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Stainless Steel Mixer Range

Stainless steel mixers look sleek in any kitchen, and when perfectly paired with a stainless steel sink and other matching appliances give a very cohesive look to the kitchen. Stainless steel taps are also resilient to scratches and with proper care and maintenance they will look as new in a 5 years’ time as they did when they are first installed.

The strong, durable and anti-corrosive satin 304 stainless steel Saturn Cube and Saturn Arc Stainless Steel Mixers are supported by a 10 year guarantee on the body construction.
These mixers feature an aerator that adds air into the water flow to soften any potential splashing, with a flow rate of 9 litres per minute allowing substantially less water usage than older tap models.

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Gunmetal Mixers

Gunmetal grey could be described as the sultry version of Stainless Steel. The cool metallic lustre of Gunmetal is one of the hottest interior décor trends for the kitchen this year.
Franke’s popular Lucido and Highrise Swivel sink mixers are now available in a brushed gunmetal finish. Both mixers feature ceramic disk cartridges with anti-scold, solid DZR brass construction and a smart lime cleaning aerator.

The Gunmetal Lucido and Highrise will add texture and depth to dark moodier-hued kitchens and also compliment whites, greys and neutral finishes.

Give your kitchen a whole new makeover with one of Franke’s new mixers.

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  1. Breathtaking prize indeed. We’ve just put in a new sink cupboard but we’re unable to afford a new mixer so we’re stuck with the old plastic one. I would love to add some elegance to our kitchen. The simplicity, uniqueness and design of these mixers are astounding. Please refresh my kitchen ?

  2. This amazing tap would add that extra edge to my kitchen …. making it extremely trendy & modern . Love all the taps in this awesome range

  3. I’m planning on giving my kitchen a revamp later this year (busy now with bathroom) It feels like my sink and tap was put in when the house was build 30 years ago. The Franke is so stylish it will make me feel like I’m in a new kitchen it will be the best finish touch ever!

  4. I would need it to make my kitchen look gorgeous but functional. we have old school taps in our home, some dont even work. This would be amazing

  5. Awesome giveaway #just saying
    I would be so excited because my mom who is living in a retirement village was flooded out in PE last month and they fitted new cupboards but left her with the old fashioned plastic taps. This would lift her spirits and give her little place some flare

  6. It will look sleek in my kitchen, and when perfectly paired with my stainless steel sink it will give a very cohesive look to the kitchen. Stainless steel taps are also resilient to scratches which is perfect for any home ?❤❤❤

  7. Franke is known for its uber trendy designs & my kitchen is seriously lacklustre & needs a Franke boost. Yes my taps are are possibly from the stone age & should be displayed at a museum ? . Franke taps will be just fabulous darling!

  8. Wow…this would just look superb in my kitchen….adding a touch of glamour to my scullery. I can see my family fighting to wash up with this tap there.

  9. I was always going to remodel my kitchen this year, but i lost my job in august so had to put it aside. Ive decided to do a mini remodel and just paint my kitchen cupboards and add a nice inexpensive backsplash. If i dont win a stunninh tap like this i would probably never afford to have it in my home. This would make my cheap remodel look like a million dollars, my labour of love.

  10. The Franke mixer will really give my little kitchen a modern and updated look. It will also make a good focal and a stunning conversation piece in the kitchen.

  11. Wow, a Stainless Steel Franke Mixer would look great in my new kitchen which my husband and I are currently renovating because we have an old home. The Stainless would look great with our deep blue cupboards and match our Franke Sink that we already bought as well as some of our other fittings. This really would be a big blessing to win!

  12. My husband and I have recently bought our first home and as you know there is no money for upgrades or renovation. The mixer in the kitchen has since decided to give up on life, so this will add value and style to my kitchen sink.

  13. A new mixer would absolutely make my kitchen, my old mixer is broken and leaks out the bottom, it would be a dream come true to have a new mixer

  14. This stunning mixer will turn my drab kitchen into a fab kitchen. My rusty taps definitely need replacing! Fingers xxxxxxxx

  15. Sophisticated, trendy and a definite must have in my kitchen. We are renovating to put in a dishwasher so this will change the look of my kitchen.

  16. This would look so amazing in our revamped kitchen, as Franke products, even when they’re simplistic, gives your kitchen a sophisticated look.

  17. Wow we bought an old house this fabulous mixer will give my kitchen a new modern look please busy looking for a new zink and this mixer will give it that extra special look fingers toes and everything else crossed to win this mixer

  18. Wow this Stylisch mixer will give my old kitchen a new modern look bought an vrry old house and the taps are very old busy loiking for a new zink this mixer will round it of perfectly please fingers toes a d everything else crossed to win it

  19. I’m renovating my kitchen and the Franks product will will add to the contemporary features of my kitchen and give it that wow look

  20. Every room requires at least one remarkable centerpiece; it could be a focal point and/or ‘pull the room together’.
    In the kitchen, the stylish Franke Mixer ticks both boxes.The jewel in the crown that ‘classes up the joint’.

  21. It will add style and sophistication to my kitchen, it would make my kitchen sink brighter and welcoming. But most of all it would be so beautiful and elegant that my wife will refuse for me to the dishes.

  22. We currently have a separate hot and cold taps. During winter I need a mixer as my finger swell up from arthritis as only cold water available. This mixer will help make my dull kitchen a little brighter.

  23. We have been struggling with our kitchen tap leaking. It will add style by bringing that shiness and life span to our kitchen zinc as we won’t have to buy another tap any time soon

  24. I love these…. Especially the Saturn cube. This would finish off our newerly renovated kitchen…… That added touch of Beaty and elagence.

  25. Just before we moved into our new home at the end of December, they vandalised the new home. The took all the electrical cords and plugs and even all the taps. In the kitchen and the bathroom.
    A new mixer would be an awesome upgrade for us as we had to fix the house with stuff from other people.

  26. I love the black mixer, it would great piece of modernism in my kitchen which has elements of retro mixed with modern convience. This wou just add to the glamour of the old with the function of the new

  27. Only a beginner over here, my boyfriend & I will be building our first kitchen! So this would be an amazing added luxury when starting out.

  28. My kitchen certainly needs a fresh new look… And whats better than a stunning Franke Mixer. It would add class and give it the life my kitchen desperately needs. Especially since my kitchen is my happy place ❤️

  29. This mixer will definitely add some sophistication to my dreary old kitchen…maybe then I can convince hubby to make some much needed changes to my kitchen

  30. My kitchen will look so trendy and even more modern with this mixer, i absolutely love them. That black mixer screams for my all white kitchen

  31. Franke’s makes a whole host of products, from fridges to taps, this tap would breathe new life into my tired space, I am in desperate need off a new tap, my current one leaks, the fittings are always falling off…

  32. It would make my kitchen look amazing take it to another level Shiny bright and beautiful design. It would definitely add sparkle n shine to my dull kitchen. At least I can do the dishes better.

  33. This prize will definitely “convert” my kitchen (and my wife I hope!) into a masterpiece of splendor and sophistication, unevened by the resy of our humble abode!

  34. Wow, wow, this will make our newly found house a real home. A present to my wife! It will beautify the kitchen and make our kitchen an envy of the people coming in!

  35. We sometimes forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but by recognizing and appreciating what we do have. I am thankful for the taps I have, the taps may be old, but at least I have taps and I am grateful for that, but it would be very nice to get rid of all these struggling when opening and closing taps as well as all the leaking kitchen taps and wasting of water, and get rid of my “superman” strong man way of doing (I am getting old now)…. and open taps and get water with just the lift of a finger … THANK YOU!

  36. It will take out the “old” and replace it with the “new”, leaving the entire kitchen looking modern again!


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